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Nordgreen Sustainable Watches - Caitylis
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Finding the right watch can be a difficult process, especially if you’re on the lookout for sustainable watches. That’s why Nordgreen must be a contender for your next watch purchase!

Why You Need a Nordgreen Watch

Because of their sustainable efforts 

Nordgreen has a tonne of sustainable initiatives that make purchasing one of their beautiful watches easy. The first thing I noticed was their obvious sustainable packaging. Everything is in cardboard and paper, which is all FSC certified, meaning all the packaging comes from responsibly managed forests. I was also thrilled to know that the felt which surrounds and protects the watches are formed from using up-cycled plastic bottles. Meaning when you’re buying one of Nordgreens breathtaking watches you’re helping the planet bit by bit.

To give back to these forests Nordgreen have planted 1000’s of trees to offset both the emissions their office in Copenhagen and the global shipments they make.

Isn’t it fantastic to know you’re putting your money into a company who do such wonderful things for the planet? Nordgreen knows they create emissions from the effect of their office and shipments but they give back to the world what they take for making their products, and that’s certainly a brand I can back.

Nordgreen Sustainable Watches - Caitylis
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The watches are beautiful and timeless

Because of the beautiful well-thought-through designs of Nordgreens watches you will have a watch for life. One that will still look as beautiful 10,20,30 years later after you’ve purchased it. And because of the timeless elegant designs, your watch will never go out of fashion.

The reason this is so important is because of fast fashion. Fast fashion is when items are created quickly and in-expensively to suit upcoming fashion trends which die out as quick as they appear. Fast fashion is the largest polluting industry on earth. With 300,000 piece’s of clothing going into landfill a year from the UK alone so, we must purchase smartly. From brands like Nordgreen who are responsible for what they make and how they make it.

When you purchase one of Nordgreens sustainable watches you feel secure that you are not contributing to this ongoing problem fast fashion is creating.

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There is a design for everyone

With interchangeable straps, Nordgreens watches will suit you for every single occasion. They’re made to adapt to your busy life and routine meaning it’s as versatile as you may need it to be.

I love wearing my brown leather strap with my Rose Gold Philosopher 36mm face in my usual day to day life. I feel it suits my ascetic best and my casual wardrobe. With the Brown Leather Strap, it gives my watch a vintage feel which I adore. I regularly just glance at my wrist to enjoy the beautiful design.

I then love to switch to my Rose Gold Mesh strap when I want to dress up a little more. Like when I’m going to events and find myself wanting to create a smarter look. The mesh straps are beautiful and perfect for making a sophisticated look without being too bulky which I find most link watch straps are.

Nordgreen gives you so many options when it comes to creating that perfect watch mix and match combination. To make it easier they even have a strap guide on their website so you can see which straps are available for the watch face you’re purchasing. Seeing all the options you have in one place before you make the process just that bit simpler.

Since I believe in these watches and that we all need a Nordgreen watch in our lives I have a 15% discount code for you all to use on your next Nordgreen purchase! Use code: CAITYLIS through this link to get that discount for your next beautiful watch.

Nordgreen Sustainable Watches - Caitylis
Use code CAITYLIS for 15% off

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