Key Technologies for a Minimalist Kitchen

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The kitchen is, in many households, the home’s hub. It’s where conversations take place, meals are cooked and eaten, podcasts are consumed, and television shows are watched.

What was once predominantly a room for a function is now one utilised for leisure, which means that, over time, it has become an area that can be filled with all manner of gadgets and gizmos. However, while this is the case, there is a growing trend for a focus on minimalism, which means that any technology must fit seamlessly into the kitchen environment.

Luckily for you, we know all about how to marry minimalism with modern technology, so let’s take a look at how you can have a room that is at once futuristic and frugal.

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1. Smart fridge

Every kitchen has a fridge in it – they are absolutely essential, after all – but is your fridge intelligent? If you don’t know the answer to that then it probably isn’t, but if you want the minimal kitchen of your dreams that also embraces technological advancement, a smart fridge should be on your shopping list.

Smart fridges are capable of carrying out numerous functions, from keeping track of the items stored inside it to supplying recipes at the sound of your voice, and they have the capacity to truly revolutionise how you cook your meals and store your food. They can also create grocery lists that then be synchronised with your smartphone or tablet, and can even be programmed to contain schedules for everyone who lives in the house. Not bad for what used to be nothing more than a big, cold box.

2. Smart kettle

You can be forgiven for thinking that the word ‘smart’ can simply be placed ahead of any device or implement – and you’d probably be right – but a smart kettle is genuinely something that exists and is an item you should consider adding to your kitchen.

Most smart kettles are not only designed to look sleek and to fit in with the aesthetic of a clean and minimalist kitchen, but they also have a valuable role to play in your daily routine. They can heat water to a very specific temperature, which is ideal for coffee fans; research suggests that the ideal water temperature for the perfect cup of coffee is 96 degrees Celsius, so you can be sure of a great cup of Joe every time.

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3. Wireless speakers

If you like to listen to music or podcasts in the kitchen, but don’t want to have to mess around with knobs and dials when your fingers are wet or covered in food, wireless speakers are a godsend. Not only are they practically useful, but most wireless speakers are now designed with minimalism and aesthetics in mind, so they will make your kitchen look incredibly modern.

4. Alarm systems

When you’re creating your perfect home, you need to not just think about what items will make your life easier, but what will keep you most secure. You need to protect your home and everything contained within it, and that means utilising an alarm system that doesn’t cost the earth, gives you peace of mind, can keep tabs on numerous entry points, and does an incredibly effective job. There are now many smart options that would fit in seamlessly with your minimal aesthetic, so there’s no need to worry about sacrificing style either.

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