New Year New Baby

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If you couldn’t already tell from the title I’m pregnant with baby number 2! Currently, whilst writing this I am 14 weeks pregnant. We found out on Halloween morning and have been buzzing about it ever since. We told some close friends straight away but held off telling the family until Christmas, which was when I was 12 weeks. 

I actually ‘knew’ I was pregnant for around a week before I managed to get a positive pregnancy result I had an abundance of early symptoms which you can read all about in my 2 week wait symptoms post which is up next week.

We’re so overjoyed to be pregnant again. Something we’ve wanted for so long but ‘life’ has always got in the way. This little one is due July 2020 and I can’t wait to experience a summer baby since Theodore was born smack in the middle of winter. Although this means Theodore’s wardrobe will probably never be size and season-appropriate for this baby but who doesn’t love buying new tiny baby clothes?!

We’re in two minds about finding out the gender this time around. We found out with Theodore so we would love to experience a surprise, especially if this ends up being our last baby. We already have a boys and girls name picked out ready for this little one, but like with Theodore, we’ll be keeping them to ourselves as we don’t see the need of knowing other peoples opinions on names as 9/10 times someones usually has something negative to say, or their brothers ex-girlfriends mums dog was called that.

Theodore will be 2 and a half when this little one arrives, which I think has worked out perfectly for us all. He also starts nursery 2 days a week in September meaning I will be able to get some one on one time with baby a few times a week, and will probably be catching up on sleep.

I’ve felt so ecstatic since finding out I was pregnant this time. With Theodore it was honestly instant dread, we were scared and felt totally clueless (we were!) when we were pregnant with him. But now we feel like total pros and are beyond excited for this baby’s arrival, there isn’t that panic there was with him.

I’m looking forward to doing the newborn stages all over again, even if they do bring sleepless nights. The feeds, the burping and the newborn cuddles are all things I loved doing with Theodore and I will just as much with this baby. 

Things are definitely going to be different this time around. With Theodore we lived in a one-roomed studio flat above Bradley’s parents house for the first 6 months of his life. This time we get to bring a baby back to our lovely home, and have all the space and privacy we lacked with Theodore. Although I am nervous to not have as much company though-out those early weeks as I did with Theodore, though I’m sure we’ll be surrounded by visitors.

Keep an eye out for lots more pregnancy-related content that will be appearing on the blog over the next upcoming months. And make sure you’re following us on Instagram to keep up to date!

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