How Can You Take Better Blog Photos?

When it comes to blogging, content really is king- however, it’s your photos that will bring your words to life. It’s pictures that will initially grab the reader’s attention, and have them wanting to know more about what you’ve written. For this reason, as a blogger it’s so worth spending time improving your photography and generally making it the best it can be. Here’s how you can go about it!

Invest in a good camera

Smartphone cameras are excellent these days, but if you want to level up your photography and have more control over your shots then it could be worth purchasing a DSLR type camera. Consider a going on a short photography course if you’re going to do this, a beginners class will walk you through all of the features and functions, as well as how to compose your shots and much more.


Learn how to use editing software

Regardless of what kind of camera you use, it’s so worth familiarising yourself with editing software. This allows you to make tweaks and generally make each shot the best it can be. If you’re serious about photography and editing then Photoshop is incredible although again you might need to take a course to learn how to use it. If not, there are lots of much less expensive and more simple softwares that you can achieve great results with too.


Get your setup right

If you’re taking pictures of products then it’s worth having an area of your home setup for nice photos. A white table against a plain white wall makes the perfect ‘blank canvas’ backdrop. From there you can incorporate props which add interest and context to the photo. One of the main things you’ll need to get right is the lighting, choose a spot in your home that gets great natural light and take your pictures when it’s nice and bright out. Ideally it will be bright daylight but without the sun blazing in, so experiment with different times of day during each season to work out what’s best. Open your curtains wide, and get rid of large items on the windowsill that can cast shadows. If you have a big tree outside, a company like Bark and Branch can tackle the problem. Not only is this useful for taking brighter photos but your home will be less dark and shady in general which can only be a good thing.



Finally, as with anything, the more you practice the better you will get. Don’t expect to pick up your camera for the first time and take incredible shots, it can take some getting used to. Plenty of trial and error and working things out, but that’s how you improve. Keep at it and before you know it you’ll be able to capture incredible shots for your blog.


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  1. November 7, 2019 / 3:58 pm

    These are great tips. I’m hoping to invest in some backdrops for my blog photography as we don’t have a white wall in my house!

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