Cut Down Unnecessary Home-Buying Stress

Anyone who’s in the process of looking for their first property knows exactly what home-buying stress means. There is so much to consider and coordinate, even when you’re trying to organise a simple visit, that it’s easy to see why many young adults prefer to stick to the safe predictability of a tenancy agreement. There is no denying that for someone who is at the beginning of their professional career, relying on a landlord to sort out any issue in your home can save you a lot of stress. Many tenants, when they are ready to become homeowners, are not prepared to tackle the pressures that come with being in charge of a house. Let’s be honest; it takes time to learn all the basic maintenance DIY that will save you money and help you to protect your sanity when things break at home. Additionally, you need to relax and create a cosy bubble of peace with your interior before you can call your house a home. And that, unfortunately, won’t happen unless you eliminate as much stress as possible! 



Know what you’re signing for

As a tenant, you only need to visit the property to make up your mind. As a future buyer, you should investigate the house in depth before you decide whether to buy or not. While it is a costly step, it’s always a good idea to arrange for your own home inspection. Indeed, the inspection report will highlight potential issues regarding energy efficiency, mould, insulation, plumbing, electrical system, etc. As a buyer, you want to know precisely what the house is worth and how much you will have to pay for repair works. Additionally, you should also arrange for conveyancing services with a professional solicitor – the team at Bannister Preston reckons that lack of advice and guidance through the conveyancing process can be a high source of stress for future buyers. Keeping the transfer of property as straightforward and quick as possible can spare you many sleepless nights! 


No, you can’t move without help

True enough, it’s cheaper to move all your boxes yourself. But it’s not going to be easy or stress-free. Ideally, you want removal professionals to help you protect your belongings and transport everything safely to your new home. What difference does it make? Let’s take a simple example. Even with the best of care, you’re going to break some of your items if you pile boxes in the boots and on the backseat of your car. On the other hand, if a removal company accidentally breaks your belongings, your loss is covered by their liability insurance. 


Take the burden out of refurbishing

Every homeowner needs to create their interior style from scratch. However, when you first move in, you might live in boxes for several days or weeks before you finally find a place for everything. Indeed, you might be tempted to rush the decision. Instead, it’s a good idea to try out renting furniture. IKEA is currently looking into leasing services for homeowners, which would let you furnish your house without committing to a purchase. It gives you more time to decide on your interior style. 


You can’t keep the home-buying process entirely stress-free. But you can certainly ensure that you don’t inadvertently make things more difficult for yourself. The sooner you can relax, the sooner you’ll feel at home. 

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  1. November 7, 2019 / 2:07 pm

    These are great tips for eliminating the stress of home-buying, I’ll be taking these on board when I buy my own home x

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