Teenager Birthday Gifts

When your child grows into a teenager there are many transitions starting with “oh no! Where did my baby go?!”, but one struggle parents have, among many, is what exactly to buy these teens for their birthday (or other events) when they seem to have EVERYTHING they could possibly want or need!


Gone are the days where a CD player and a few albums were an excellent gift for a teen, everyone has a phone these days that has all of their favourites downloaded or streaming without any trouble. But there are many music related gifts you CAN buy for your teen. First of all, there are tour tickets, most bands will have a tour at some point in the near future, and all you need is some merchandise from the band/ artist’s website purchase tickets and wrap them up, perfect! Just make sure you double check who their favourite band is, getting the wrong one will be VERY uncool!


Do you remember when you were this age waiting to learn to drive like everyone else? It’s a big step in a teen’s life. Depending on the age of your teen you can help them gain some independence by assisting them with driving lessons/ test or even a Used Vauxhall Astra maybe? This will be something that the family will have discussed before the big birthday, but surprising your teen with a car wrapped as best you can would be a pleasant surprise for them! Just remember to do your homework and hire someone that has excellent reviews, ask around and find out who else has used them before. It’s a significant investment in time and money, so it’s best to get it right.


Most teens have their heads stuck to their mobile phones 24/7 these days so if their phone needs a new screen or case, then this could be a good idea for a gift! Or maybe you could surprise them with an early upgrade and get them the phone they’ve ‘needed’ for so long now! If none of that is an option, then is there an app that costs a lot of money they have been asking for? You could surprise them with that!


Obviously, we don’t mean actually buy the clothes and hand them over, that would be a big mistake! Every teen has their own idea of good style, and it’s probably a world away from what you could imagine, trends and designers are changing things up quickly at the moment. So it’s best to either choose gift cards, give money or even offer to take your teen on a shopping spree! Why not throw in lunch and take the opportunity to spend some rare quality time with your teen too.

You know your teen best, and ultimately you will know what to get them for their birthday with a bit of thought, sometimes you’ll get it right, and sometimes you’ll get it wrong. But either way, you know your teen will let you know exactly which it is for you this time! Enjoy!


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