Summer Pregnancies Are The Best

Ah, the British summer! While we’ve had a few sunny days at the beginning of the summer, it seems that the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Heavy rains, flooding, and muddy gardens. This isn’t a season to go out unless you’re a snail. However, all things considered, while this may not be the summer that we wished for, the average temperatures and weather conditions have remained pleasant throughout the season, except for a few wet days. And that’s a good thing because we should all cherish summer. And do you know who loves summer more than everyone else? Expecting moms! Indeed, summer is the best time to enjoy your pregnancy.

You’ve got an excuse to pick a fantastic location

It’s not uncommon to indulge in a little luxury when you’re pregnant. You’ve got a reason to research maximum comfort with an XXL bed to rest. Besides, you know that you won’t be able to afford the same summer vacation when you have a baby. Pregnant women tend to browse cosy hotels by the sea, then get a luxury apartment on the beach for their last pre-baby vacation. What’s not to like about a rental that takes care of the hard work? You only need to open the front door to get your feet into the refreshing sea on a hot day.


You’ve got the best bikini selfies

If you haven’t heard of the pregnancy glow, you’re about to discover it. Typically, during your first trimester, your hormones are all over the place. However, when you hit the second trimester, your body has reached a point of balance which gives you that glorious skin and healthy glow in the face. You can be sure that you’ll never look as healthy in your holiday photos than now.


You’ve got the comfiest clothes

Summer is the season of floaty and comfortable outfits. You can spend the entire time wearing maxi dresses. And what’s not to like about the maxi dress trend? It’s super cosy – and you have to consider that as your pregnancy progresses, wearing waist-fitted outfits becomes unbearable — and it keeps you cool during a warm day. If you’re struggling with swollen ankles and feet as some pregnant mommies do, you’ll love the summer shoes collection. Flip flops may not be sophisticated, but they’re the best thing you can wear.

Plenty of healthy vitamin D

Admittedly, it’s hard to believe that British summers are a great source of vitamin D, but in reality, you don’t need the sun to be hot or even out to make the most of natural sunlight. As summer has got the longest days of the year – and you’re most likely to spend a lot of time outdoors –, your body can produce plenty of vitamin D. From shiny hair to strong bones, vitamin D is a staple of a healthy pregnancy.

Party mocktails are just awesome

Finally, you’ll find plenty of delicious alcohol-free alternatives to drink in summer. It’s the time of the year where you can get social without feeling like you’re on a special diet!

For any expecting mommy who’s counting the days before meeting her little bundle of joy, enjoy your summer pregnancy to the fullest. Go places, take pictures and catch up with your friends, you’ll cherish those memories forever.


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