Must-Haves For a Bar at Home

Is your house the go to destination for friends for entertaining? If you love having people over for drinks, dinner or for game night, adding a bar to your home could be a really fun addition for entertaining. Impress your guests and have fun learning to be a cocktail master.

  • Select where you’re going to set up your bar area, and decide if you want to buy a new piece of furniture for it. If you have a lot of spare space, like a large dining room or a family room that isn’t being used very often, you could invest in a proper bar. Versatile drinks cabinets and sideboards make beautiful additions to a dining room or lounge without taking up much space. A bar cart works if you want to be able to take the drinks to your guests.


  • If you’re making drinks, you’re going to need some bar tools. Start with basic items like a corkscrew and a bottle opener. For measuring spirits accurately, you might want a jigger. For cocktail making, you’ll of course need a cocktail shaker. Bar spoons, muddlers and strainers can also be useful for cocktails. For wine, a decanter is great of you like to drink red. After the basic items, you could upgrade later with items like electric corkscrews and red wine aerators. If your favourite cocktail is a blended drink, why not invest in a quality blender to keep on the bar so you can make it for yourself at home whenever you like.


  • Serving drinks in the right glasses can really improve the quality of the drinks. For beers, pint glasses are the best choice. You’ll also need the right glasses for wine, cocktails and spirits. For wine, invest in different glasses for red and white wine and some flutes for sparkling wines. Buy different shapes of cocktail glass for different cocktails. For parties, you could buy cocktail pitchers or a punch bowl to make serving lots of drinks easier.


  • Stock your bar with the right spirits. Start with your personal favourite spirits and the basics for good cocktails, like a good gin, vodka, rum and whisky. You can add more spirits as you go and find things you’re missing, like tequila, some liqueurs or flavoured spirits. Bitters are a good addition if you’re planning to mix cocktails too.


  • Buy some mixers. Choose the basics of mixers first like lemonade, coke, some different fruit juices and plain tonic water. You can add to your collection later to include some more unusual fruit juices or different flavours of tonic water. Cocktail mixers like ginger ale, tomato juice or soda water could also be useful.


  • Upgrade your home bar with some extra pieces to enhance the kind of drinks you most enjoy serving to your friends. If you mostly drink spirits, a proper bar optic looks professional and makes getting drink measures accurate easier. A mini fridge under the bar could be great for keeping mixers or canned drinks cold, ready to serve. A proper wine rack will look great and give you somewhere to store your wine near the bar. .


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