Ideas For UK Family Holidays

The first holidays you take as a family are memories you’ll all treasure for years to come. With small children, you’re often on a budget when booking a holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fabulous break. The UK has fantastic options for family holidays that won’t break the bank.

Caravan Holiday

Caravan holidays are a classic of British childhood. Most seaside destinations around the country will have large caravan parks, ideal for families with kids of all ages. Caravanning has changed in recent years too, and most caravan parks have great family entertainment. Visit a large park like Conwy Holiday Park, which boasts live entertainment in the club house, special events and regular barbecues.

Caravan holidays are great on a budget, especially for holidays where you’re planning to spend most of the day outside on the beach. Caravans are great will small children who can share a bedroom, as you’ll be able to keep a close on them wherever they are in the caravan. The smaller space means you can spend the evenings together as a family in the living area, instead of the kids disappearing into their own bedrooms.

Holiday Parks

Holiday parks are a fantastic break for the family, as generally everything you need is within the park. If you spend a lot of your time commuting, a trip that means you don’t have to get in the car at all is a great rest for parents.

Self-catering chalets are a good way to keep the costs down, and mean you can keep the kids on a routine with what and when they eat. For the adults, there are often bars and restaurants on site, which you can take advantage of by using onsite babysitting services.

Holiday parks are also a really good place to have a more active holiday, with many offering pools, cycling, walking and other outdoor activities. You’ll have more space inside than you would with a caravan, so these parks for slightly older kids or larger families.

Holiday Cottages

If you’d rather stay in a home away from home, a self-catering holiday cottage or Airbnb property is great. If you’re on holiday with kids of mixed ages, having a house offers some more freedom for different age groups to entertain themselves. Small children can be kept close, while older ones have some space for themselves to get away from the little ones.

Self-catering is a good way to stay on budget, but having a house means you’ve got a full sized kitchen to work with, which can be a lot easier for feeding a family. Use the house as a base to go out exploring or to make day trips to surrounding attractions. You could also take advantage of having more time to completely unwind and relax in the house with that book you’ve been meaning to read for months.

The UK is a great place for family holidays, and has a lot of options for different places to stay without having to spend a lot of money for memorable break.


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