Packing for A Long Haul Car Journey

Long haul car journeys litter our lives, and when you’ve got kids in the back to keep fed and entertained, they can feel longer than they’ve ever been before! So when it comes to taking the family away on a vacation, using a car because you’re going camping or you’re choosing more of a staycation this year, there’s going to be a few special things you’ll need to pack.

We all know just how distracting fighting toddlers and questions of ‘Are we there yet?!’ can be, so let’s try and keep them to a minimum for any trips you’ll be taking this summer. Here’s a couple of tips on packing for a long haul car journey, to make sure you keep your peace of mind!

Maximise the Space

You’re going to be packing a lot in the trunk when it comes to a family vacation, and that doesn’t do the kids in the back any good. If it’s a long drive, they’re going to want to be able to stretch and wiggle, and to relax and recline a little when they get tired.

And when they’re surrounded by luggage, and you can barely see out of the back of the car for all the suitcases, everyone is going to end up cranky! So it might be a smart move to invest in some roof boxes. Keep the snacks and drinks and toys in the back, and stow everything else on the roof!

Bring Chargers in Bulk

Most kids these days have smartphones, and tablets, and DVD players for the back of the car when they’re on a long trip. If anyone of these runs out of battery while you’re travelling, there is a good chance of boredom and tears will soon follow!

Stock up on chargers, and keep them in the glove compartment in the front of the car. If batteries get low, you can connect the tech up to the car. Bring a jack that allows more than one charger to use the slot at once. It’ll also save you from having to break the map no one can read out when your own phone dies.

Have a First Aid Kit to Hand

When you’ve got kids in the back of a car, there’s a good chance any one of them is going to get car sick. All that motion from the vehicle they’re in, and the colouring book or phone they’re staring, will only add up to confuse their brain, and make vomit very likely to follow.

But with a first aid kit, you can keep cloths and wet wipes and travel sickness pills all neatly in one place. You can also fit the bug spray and bandaids in there, in case a wasp gets in through the window, or you’re driving through a particularly humid and forested area.

Packing for a long haul journey, when you’ve got kids to consider as well, doesn’t have to be impossible. You can create space, and keep the entertainment charged!


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