Is Stress Getting The Better of You at Home? Maybe its Time to Let the Outside In!

We all experience stress in some form or another. For some, it’s the near-constant stress of work or the fact that no matter how many hours we put in we never quite seem to be able to make ends meet. For others it comes in the form of friends for whom your best never seems good enough or who always choose to use you as a sounding board for all their angry rants about everything from the inequities of the workplace to nightmarish ex boyfriends. For others, it’s simply the stress that comes with being a parent and the heightened state of alertness that comes with having kids that can never be totally switched off.

Whatever is causing you stress, the home should be where you go to get away from it all. It should be your refuge and your fortress and you should be able to leave your stress and care at the door. Unfortunately, the modern world has a habit of bringing our stresses in with us. Given that proximity to nature is one of the most potent mood boosters out there, maybe it’s time you took some steps to bring the outside in…

Sweep out the synthetics

First of all, it’s important to try and rid your home of synthetic fibres and plastics wherever possible. While they may be unavoidable in some spaces, they should encroach on your decor as little as possible. Replace bedding made with nylon or polyester with cotton. Your skin will thank you for it. Wherever you can substitute synthetics and plastics for natural materials like wood, stone, paper, cotton, wool and other natural materials. You wouldn’t believe the difference they can make to your sense of wellbeing at home.

Never underestimate the power of plants

We all know that plants are a great way to help us to feel more relaxed, at peace and happy at home. If you’re self-employed and working for home they are absolutely essential to helping you to stay calm, happy and productive. They oxygenate your living space and help a sense of calm to permeate throughout the room.

Still, we can do better than a battered peace lily on the windowsill. How about creating an indoor rockery using stunning coral twist Rockery Stone. Cacti and succulents make a great addition to an indoor rockery or even a desk-mounted Japanese zen garden.

Have a room for tech detoxes

Technology is such a ubiquitous presence in our homes and our lives, that it can actually cause us stress in our own homes rather than helping us to relax. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have a room you can go to for a tech detox. Leave anything more sophisticated than a book out of these and, as previously stated, decorate it only with natural materials.

You can use this space for quiet reading, mindfulness meditation or anything you like.

Smells like nature

Finally, don’t flood your home with synthetic scents from commercial sprays or plug-in deodorizers. These are lousy for the environment and suspicious for your health. Instead, consider the more natural alternative… Essential oils. A few drops of these in a diffuser or simply in a jar with diffuser sticks represents a far more pleasant, natural and relaxing way to make your home smell gorgeous.


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