Decorating the Nursery: 4 Things You Need to Include

When you have a new baby on the way, the air is full of excitement. There’s a lot of change happening, and the one thing that you have to remember to change is the spare room. Sure, the baby will sleep in your room for the first six months or so, but after that, you may decide to bring your baby to their own nursery to sleep. This means that you get the chance to do a theme, paint, buy furniture, and look for accessories that fit the nursery of your dreams. Designing a room for the baby is the best thing that you can do to spend your time on maternity leave, but you need to be practical and consistent when it comes to the nursery for the new little person in your home.

A nursery should be beautifully light and airy, inviting and warm, comforting andcosyy, and you can do all of that easily when you create a mood board to get you started. It’s an exciting way to prepare for your new baby, but there are four things that your nursery MUST include:

A Space To Sleep

A safe sleep space for your baby is vital, and that means a cot with a new mattress, covered in a fitted sheet. And that’s it. The bedding sets that come with cot bumpers are unnecessary, as cot bumpers cause issues with airflow in the cot, and they are a suffocation risk. Safe sleep space starts with an empty cot, and you can centre this anywhere in the room relevant to heating sources and light.


Your home or contents insurance will cover your nursery, but the carpet warranties for the new carpet that has been installed are a necessity. Babies know how to aim their spit up and poop spectacularly, and if you have the right warranties for your carpet, you can get replacements when you need to get them.

A Comfortable Space

Night feeds don’t stop when the baby moves into his or her own room, so you need somewhere comfortable to sit down while you feed your baby. It doesn’t matter whether you breastfeed or use formula, you need to be comfortable while you do it! A cushioned glider chair is the perfect accompaniment to the nursery next to the cot. You can sit and feel relaxed in the night, and you can also make the nursery look more comfortable with a chair in it.


Layering your nursery with rugs, textures, and layers can make the entire room look warm and inviting. Rugs over the carpet add warmth and insulate the room so that you can feel like your baby is going to stay warm and comfortable in their new room.

A nursery should be a room for your baby to thrive, relax, and sleep well without much interruption. The way that you choose a theme and decorate the room will make a difference to the look of the room, and you can start shopping today.


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