Simple Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home

Summer is here, and it seems like the weather is finally starting to give us summer vibes too. It is all about long days; early sunrises and later sunsets, days full of glorious sunshine and endless possibility. Summertime is a perfect time to be outdoors, to be able to soak up the sun and to have plenty of time to explore and enjoy. It isn’t all about being outdoors in the summer, though. There can be a lot of ways to bring summer indoors, especially for those days that are a little less summer-like. There are plenty of ways to bring in the summer to your home, and make the whole space fresh, bright, and light. So with all of that in mind, here are some of the things that you can do to brighten up your home for summer.

Keep Things Cool

When the seasons change it can be a really good idea to embrace little things of the season. In winter, it can be all about hygge and layering things up with throws and candles. But there are many things that you can do to embrace the weather for summer. For summer, it can be nice to make your home feel more breezy, cool, and light, by doing things that will be conducive to that. How about trying some of the following?

  • Adding flowers is a good way to brighten things up in the home and bring in some pops of colour
  • Think bright and white for summer. It could be changing out your pillows, bed covers, or even the paint on your walls. Swapping out for white items can be a simple way to bring the home into looking more fresh for summer
  • Having a little display on your mantle or on the top of something like a radiator cover can be a good idea for summer. In winter it might be for things like candles and logs in winter. But for summer, it could be fresh flowers, photos, and an essential oil diffuser with a citrus scent.

Add Pops of Colour

Adding in some pops of colour can be a good way to create a feeling of summer vibes in the home. It could be from something like a new rug from a site like, to fresh flowers, new cushions, and even a new print for your wall. Pastel shades are great for summer, as well as bright prints. Think flamingo pink, lemon yellow, and sunny orange. Neon is quite trendy at the moment too; less is more, though.

Summer Kitchen

No matter how summery your home may feel, it is hard to create a summer feel in a kitchen, as it a place that is used for cooking (and therefore, getting hot). So to update your kitchen for summer, and give you a summer feeling, then you could try some of the following things:

  • Add fresh flowers (are they the answer for everything this summer)?
  • Repaint the kitchen with a fresh and bright colour
  • Add some citrus. This could be along the lines of lemons and limes in bowls, as well as prints on things like tea towels


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