Kid Proofing Your Decor

Children are fabulous. They are funny, inquisitive, kind, and often a little bit silly. They are bright, and they see the world with such an innocent joy that it can bring a fresh excitement to your own jaded view of things. But, one thing that the vast majority of them are not, is clean. Kids make mess. Babies can’t help it. They’ve got no control over their fluids or movements, and unfortunately, all of their things are absolutely massive so that a tiny person has entirely overrun your house. Toddlers, kind of can help it. But, they don’t want to. They’ve got bigger things to worry about than eating carefully or keeping the colouring pens on the paper. They certainly don’t care about spilling drinks on the floor or wiping their shoes after playing in the mud, not when there’s so much fun to be had. As they get older, the things that they worry about and find fun, start to change, but many of them remain more than a little messy.

If you were house proud before you had kids, it might be something that you have grown out of since becoming a parent. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up entirely. You might always have spills and a house full of kids stuff. But, you can still have beautiful things, a home that you are proud to welcome guests into and somewhere that you find relaxing and peaceful. You just need to kid-proof your decor.

Consider Leather

Most of us think that when we have kids, we need to start buying cheaper furniture so that we’re not as bothered if it gets damaged. But, it can actually be more cost-effective, and sensible, to purchase quality. Leather sofas are an excellent example of this. Leather doesn’t get ripped as easily as fabric, with the right treatment, it can be very hard wearing, it’s easy to wipe up spills, and if you fancy a change or a little more protection, it’s easy to add a throw, which can be washed quickly and easily.

Give them Space

If your kids have got a space that is theirs, that’s filled with their toys, books, and games, and where it’s ok for them to make a mess, they will be less likely to intrude into your space. When they are older, this space might be their own rooms. But, for younger kids, give them zones in every room that they spend time in.

Get Your Flooring Right

Carpet stains horribly. Wooden flooring can be easier to keep clean and look after, and harder to damage. If you prefer soft textures underfoot, add rugs that are small enough to wash easily.

Utilise Height

If you have things that you don’t want your children to touch, keep them on a high shelf. If these things are colourful and likely to tempt them, keep in out of reach. But, make sure anything the kids are allowed is low enough for them to get to without hurting themselves.

Don’t Forget Safety

As a parent, safety will always be a priority. Regularly reassess the safety of your home, and make any changes that are needed.


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    The tips in this post would mean a lot as to why you should kid proof your decors. This article would be a huge help. Thanks for sharing this one out.

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