Dining Experiences With a North African Twist

North Africa is one of the most exciting regions of the planet, both from interior design and culinary perspectives. Nowhere else do the two merge more exotically, bringing a unique sense of place to any dining occasion.


Check out some of these interesting ways to make your dining experience more authentically North African, both inside the home and out.

Create A Moroccan Mosaic Floor

Morocco is unique among North African countries. No other land in the region has had so much influence on how we decorate our interiors, thanks to its bold use of colour and beautiful mosaic patterns. There’s also a case to be made that Morocco is also the North African country with the most significant impact on what we eat. Granted, most people don’t eat couscous and tagine every night for dinner, but we do eat plenty of hummus, flatbreads and cumin – all food items which have their culinary origins in the country.


It should come as no surprise, therefore, that many home designers have tried to incorporate Moroccan themes in the dining room. Moroccan interior design has an air of oriental opulence, despite being so close to the European mainland. It’s like what you might find in a European Mediterranean villa, but somehow different.


Morocco is famous for its mosaics. But this fascinating art form is not only found in national artefacts and treasures but in regular homes too. A mosaic floor might not be the most cost-effective flooring solution, but it does provide an unparalleled visual impact and is perfect for creating a mood in any dining room.


Use Hammam Towels From Tunisia For Picnicking

Hammam towels are a special kind of woollen towel used in Tunisia for going to the beach or picnic outings. These towels are particularly soft because of the quality of the cotton, and they are great for travelling out of the home, owing to their lightness. You could use them for having a picnic in your garden or throwing them over the back of a chair in your living or dining room.

Add A Wicker Stool

Wicker stools provide a great addition to any North African-themed dining room, providing the perfect way to introduce some informality into an otherwise formal setting. Wicker stools are a traditional type of seating in North Africa and the broader Middle East.


Put Pewter Accessories On The Mantelpiece

If your dining room has a mantelpiece, then consider yourself very lucky. Pewter is a traditional material in North Africa, and a great way to dress your mantelpiece in a style that’s very much unique to the area. You can choose practically any pewter accessory that you like, including candlesticks, urns, and if you love Aladdin, lamps.

Use Raw Plastered Walls

Raw plaster fell out of fashion in the western world. But in North Africa, it’s still very much a thing, and if done correctly, can look fantastic in the dining room.


You need to be careful when using raw plaster. It works well in rooms with high-quality, natural fixtures, fittings and flooring. Modernist dining rooms, however, are not flattering.

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