Where Can You Inject Personality Into A Wedding?

Weddings have set procedures, processes and culturally significant customs that are followed by almost anyone. Think about your ideal wedding right now and you’ll already begin to see what these things mean. Do you imagine yourself in a white wedding dress? Do you see yourself being led down the aisle? Do you turn up to the church in a classic car? How about the party, is it going to have some kind of dancing area? All of these things are what make up a modern wedding. You can’t really go without them, or at the very least you’re following the things-to-do list in some form. This then begs the question, where do you inject your own personality into your wedding? If you didn’t then surely it would look like a carbon copy of someone else’s wouldn’t it?

The first impression

What’s the first thing the outside world will formally see and interact with when it comes to your wedding? The invitations of course because they’re the thing that puts all doubt to rest and assures your friends and family that it’s actually going through, it will happen, so set clear a date. The invites should, therefore, be alive and well with your hallmarks. Customisable options like those offered by Pure invitation wedding invites are exactly what someone would need to do this. You have over 6 custom options for each card, each with its own distinctive style. Take for example the Glitter Ruby style which has a laser cut sleeve for the invitation. You have over 10 different colours to choose from and that’s the beginning of it.

Food glorious food

The party is when you really get to let your hair down, not just literally but creatively. What better way to show what you’re made of than the food you serve to your guests? Many people just try to pick things that they believe will impress their guests. Smart and dainty finger food, and rich dishes that they themselves have not personally tried before. This where you tell your wedding planner to back off a little bit. Serve the food that means something to you. Did you grow up loving your grandma’s apple pie? Then serve her recipe for dessert. Maybe you love a certain type of cuisine instead, choose your favourite dishes and snacks using it as a reference then. Your food doesn’t have to have some kind of rhythm, it doesn’t’ have to flow, it just needs to taste great and remind people of your particular tastes.

What’s your beat?

One of the more overlooked bits of a wedding is the music selection at the party. Here more than anywhere else you can truly let loose with your personal tastes. Choose songs and artists that again, mean something to you. Don’t try to have crowd pleasers, pick songs that had an impact on your life and would remind people of who you are.

Weddings can be so formal that they lack the soul of the bride and groom. However you don’t have to follow the crowd, you can be creative in so many different areas so your wedding stands out.

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