What To Look Out For When Buying Antique Watches

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Watch buying and hunting for antique pieces can become a serious hobby so if you want to get started, it’s important to know what you are dealing with. This is a potentially high-priced item with a lot of value so getting some background knowledge of how to go about the process is essential.

First things first, finding reputable and trustworthy antique dealers is a must. You can discover vintage watches for sale at websites such as Love Antiques which stocks a carefully selected beautiful range of watches steeped in history and value.

First Steps

If you are new to the niche of vintage and antique watches, you do want to make sure you get to know the lingo. Getting to understand the terminology, models, styles, specs and historical connections will help you greatly in your search.

Whether you are buying online or in person, you will want to acquire knowledge first and foremost. Get to know some of the most popular watch manufacturers out there and which eras they were extremely important and esteemed in. Get to understand the models out there and which are more sought after than others. Over time, you will start to gain expert knowledge in the field and grow your understanding of what it takes to find a truly magnificent vintage timepiece.

Most Important Things: Brand & Model Of Watch

Some brands will automatically put a watch in a higher running than others. It says a lot about the watch and if you are looking for super rare items, limited editions are the way forward.

Knowing Who Owned The Watch

This is where knowledge and history come into play. Understanding where the watch originated from and who may have owned it is key in the valuation process and will increase its value dramatically. Estate watches for example, might come with a history within the royal families or esteemed individuals in society and these are the types you want to keep an eye open for. Remember to keep your options open such as flea markets, auction sites such as eBay and then traditional antique stores.

Watch Out For The Condition

The condition the watch is it will also be a decider of its overall value. You will want to understand the fundamentals to see if the gem has a default or if there are any issues with the watch. Getting used to seeing what works and what looks out of place in older models is crucial to honing in on these aspects. Looking for chips, lack of clarity and other potential defaults will be clear signs you will get to know.

The final and most important point is to always investigate. You want to develop and fine-tune your investigative and research skills as you will rely upon them heavily. Don’t let the surface fool you and always look deeper to ensure you stay safe whilst buying and walk away with a truly wonderful vintage watch.

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