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Now, I’m no beauty blogger. It’s just not my field and I don’t particularly have a love for it, but for years I suffered from the oiliest sweaty skin, and after many years of using these products I’ve completely changed my skin type. My skin is just ‘normal’ and actually a little more on the dry side than the oily now. Which I would much rather have.

I just presumed oily was the way I was. A sweaty oily mess. I always linked it to the anxiety I had and maybe I just beamed nerves from my face which in turn melted off all traces of makeup including mascara. I just put up with it for years throughout school, it wasn’t until I went to a Body Shop party in 2014 (this post is not sponsored by Body Shop they just have great products) that I learnt that tea tree dries out your skin, I knew it helped settle down spots but I never linked it to oily skin.

I started off with a tea tree foaming face wash, followed by a few tea tree moisturisers and toners, and slowly but surely my skin type started to change, makeup started staying on longer and my face didn’t feel like it radiated heat 24/7. Not only was the face wash helping my skin type but it was (and still is) the best face wash I’ve ever used. Ever get that feeling after washing your face that it’s just not clean enough? I remember that feeling well with cheaper products. But with this, I’m left feeling squeaky clean.

I also began using the wonderful VICHY Setting Powder on top of my daily makeup routine and this is far superior to any setting sprays I’ve previously tried. I damn wish I had this powder at school because I would have looked so better than I did. All photographic evidence of me at school is now gone. Only to ever be seen by me and perhaps Theodore one day if he fancies a blast to the past.

Oily Skin Tea Tree Skincare Caitylis

So I’ve used this product every day for the last 5 years, and I will never swap. I began seeing a huge difference in my skin type about 6 months in. By the end of the day, I was noticing my make up hadn’t dripped off my face, it was still there! I never expected results as I’ve had from a bunch of high street products, and I never imagined I would. I hoped it would help a bit, but not to this extent.

The wash is my holy grail, I now only use the other tea tree products as and when I’m feeling like a need more of a pamper. A bottle is only £13.50 and lasts me around half a year. That’s £27 a year for a life-changing product. Managing to change my skin type has done wonders for me both physically and mentally. I feel like I look better, therefore I feel more confident. I don’t have this need to be constantly checking myself in a mirror and reapplying makeup over and over.

I still feel I look as good at 10 pm as I did the minute I applied it that morning.

There are 100’s of tea tree products on the market out there. All completely ranging in price. Take a look on this site for a 30 amazing tea tree uses! You’ve got to find what works best for you because something will, I do totally recommend these products though, they are must-have’s in my skincare routine and I will carry on using them for life. I know how awful it is to have a constantly wet feeling face, where your foundation slips right off onto your fingers the moment they touch your face. It’s awful and I hated it, but you can change it!

Do you suffer from oily skin? What are the best products you’ve tried to tackle it with?