The Stress of Moving

In the last four years I’ve lived in 6 different houses. Thats a lot of carting around in a short space of time. I’m so glad to say we’ve finally made our ‘final’ move for a long time. This will be our permanent home for hopefully at least a decade. The stress that comes along with moving is super high. It’s one big ball of the anxious un-known. I always felt like we never knew if we were coming or going with solicitors and estate agents. I’m honestly not sure if any of the ‘professionals’ have a clue, it just feels like everyone is plodding along confused until someone says “okay you can have the keys”.

Unfortunately we’re 6 months into living in this house and it’s still one massive stress ball. Living in a building site, living with no money and living in a hoarders paradise because we’ve got four rooms of stuff pilled high in our bedroom soon starts to grate on you. It’s one big blurry headache. Yes I know it’ll “all be worth it in the end” as I’ve been told endless of times. But at the moment I’m struggling to see the end of it. I’m struggling to see the house I dreamt of, its all rubble and woodchip wallpaper right now.

I keep having to remind Brad that this isn’t our forever home. This is our first home and it doesn’t need the earth spending on it. But being the perfectionist he is he likes to do stuff right. I’d love to move again sooner rather than later, the only thing putting me off is house moving costs. The fact that we’d have to pay stamp duty next time, and we’d not only have a house to buy but one to sell really starts to make fee’s pile up. We would certainly need to hire a removals company for our next move. As when we moved here we had hardly any furniture, so didn’t need removals, but when we leave here we’ll have a whole house full! So we’ll definitely need to look into moving house costs for removals as well.

It’s important to take care of those little pre-move checks in advance, as well. You don’t want to be stressing about faulty faucets or electrical errors while you’re trying to get settled in. As such, it’s important to remember to check that everything works as expected and to get the number of tradesmen such as the local plumbers. That way, if any problems do pop up, you at least have a way to get the ball rolling with the fix.

It’s all pound signs after pound signs. Which obviously puts everyone off. But if you’ve outgrown a house you’ve outgrown a house. I *already* feel like we haven’t got enough room (we certainly have its just utterly cluttered right now). This is a 3 bedroomed house but with one room needing to be an office we’re limited, especially if we decide to bring baby number 2 into the world.

What are your main pieces of advice for moving? Mine would be to rope in as many family and friends you can on the day to help out. With packing up vehicles and emptying them at the other side. Another piece of advice would be to not move on the hottest weekend of the year like we did. I had never sweat like it!

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