House Repairs

Boy, this house is A LOT of work. The one reason we chose this house over another house built exactly the same was because of the extension built on the back of it. One whole extra room! Little did we know that came with A WHOLE lot extra work.

Don’t get me wrong we’re SO happy we chose this house. We love the street, the neighbours and the ‘feel’. It totally felt like home the first night we stayed here. We’ve had many people say to us ‘did you know it was going to be this much work when you bought it?’ the answer is no. But we’re not unhappy about that in the slightest. Yes it means we have to do more work, yes it means we have to spend more money but despite all that we get a house that is completely us in every single aspect.

Turns out, that extra extension has been the hardest part, and the part that needed most work. We did in fact know this because the windows were wooden and rotten, it had a flat roof and the floor boards (which turned out weren’t floor boards) we’re completely shot and very bouncy…

So we had to replace the flooring, the windows, the roof and even some bricks. We didn’t end up getting matching bricks because we know we want to either clad or render the outside of the extension at some point. We just went with what was easiest to get at the time. We ended up concreting the floor completely instead of doing floorboards, this was just the easiest and quickest option. We did throw some super thick underlay down there as well to help with heat. When it came to the windows we decided to remove one completely and block it up. As we didn’t need 3 massive windows in a kitchen. The other 2 windows were replaced with double glazed windows, we initially thought about triple glazed windows but when looking at the prices compared to double glazing prices we thought we’d rather save money at this point.

Overall I think we’ve made some great decisions and some great progress so far. We’re currently just going through getting kitchen designs and prices from various different companies. If you’ve recently had a new kitchen fitted I’d love to know who you went with and what you thought about the quality and price!

Like my Garden Transformation post here is a photo-diary of the extension piece by piece.

A view of the extension when we bought the house in July 18′
A view of inside the extension.
The downstairs floor plan. We pulled down the joining wall between the extension (dining room) and kitchen, to eventually make into one large kitchen diner.
First things first we pulled all the plaster off the walls to expose some dodgy brick work. We then pulled up all the flooring. Laid these 2 sheets of insulation down and then poured concrete over the top to level it all out nicely.
We filled in A LOT of gappy wobbly bricks!
Next job was tearing the flat roof down!
This left the house very open, and very cold!
The new roof trusses went on. As did the bricks to block up the left window.
Woo Hoo! A roof… of some sorts!
A window!
Another window and a door!
Plasterboard up and make shift kitchen in place.
Plaster on the walls!

That is where we’re currently at with it all. Today we’ve actually been and ordered our kitchen and put a deposit down on it. It was a long, hard and costly decision we came too. We weren’t too sure how much we wanted to spend so we needed to work out how long we would like to live here and if the cost of a higher quality kitchen was worth it. I think the kitchen we’ve chosen is so beautiful. You can see it slowly take shape over on our home Instagram account.

The next time you see this room on the blog will be in all its beautiful glory. I can not wait to have a fully functioning kitchen again.











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