Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter


Having easy-to-hand blankets and throws around the place won’t just look cute but they can actually keep you warm (shock horror!). I have two main huge throws in the living room. One hung lovingly over the sofa and the other folded (but mostly screwed up in a ball) down the side. Usually, at least one of them gets brought out every night now its cold.

Cuddle Up

This links back to my previous statement, cuddle up! I and Bradley will usually squeeze onto one sofa (mainly because it’s the best view for the TV), it’s not only nice to be close to your loved ones but you can share warmth. Extra husband points if they allow you to put your ice-cold feet onto them.

A Working Boiler

We’ve just had gas central heating installed and I cannot WAIT to get it started. This house had no gas connected to it when we purchased it (it runs on oil!). We had to pay £500 for the council to close the road, and then dig up the road to lead gas pipes from the other side of the road to our property. Costly as it sounds it will be much better in the long run as we’re currently paying around £350 every 3 months to fill up the oil tank to give us heating and hot water. The constant worrying of it running out and ringing for a delivery of oil is scary. Our new boiler is being fitted next week so I’m looking forward to the constant flow of warmth!

A Well-Insulated Roof

You can run your central heating system as long as you want, but if your house still isn’t retaining the heat put out by it, you likely need to check that heat isn’t escaping through your roof.

A company like Complete Roofing Scotland can check if you’ve got a roof that needs repairs, and firms like Noreus will ensure that you’ve got the right insulation for your roof.

Window/door repairs

Old and damaged windows and doors could be letting out heat. Consider whether windows and doors need to be replaced, or whether you need to look into ironmongery to replace parts like sliding door locks. A total replacement of old windows and doors could be necessary in some cases. This could allow you to explore options like double glazing if your windows don’t already have it.

Cover Drafts

Since we have such an old house, that at the moment has lots of torn down walls and exposed bricks we have lots of nasty air gaps to the outside. Using brush draft excluders around the door frames helps keep the warmth in the rooms we want a lot easier. You could also get the cushion draft excluders to go at the bottom of the doors but with a toddler, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to hit round the head with one!

Burn the 100 Candles you Own

Fire = Heat. Simple! Burn all the candles you’ve somehow accumulated over the years, you may not think these tiny flames will make any difference but they will. If you choose to light some with warming fragrances as well you can create the sensation of warmth through smell. Think something with sandalwood tones rather than fruity fresh ones. These will give you all those cosy feels.



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