Tips for Your Postpartum Hair

Remember the days where you could spend a minimum of an hour perfecting your makeup and hair daily? Well once you become a mother those days are long gone. You’ll always spot me rocking the nights before mum bun, with a few hair grips thrown in, and a quick 10 minute makeup look which I managed to boss out whilst Theodore was asleep.

My hair has defiantly took a back seat since he came along. It gets brushed less, and washed less. Showers are so fast now that I hardly have time to condition let alone anything else. The days of hair treatments are out the window. I miss the soft silky hair I once rocked. Now my thick matted root growing hair has come out to say hello.

Here’s a whole tonne of hair care tips which are fast and easy for when you just don’t have the time anymore.

Shower at Night

As soon as the baby is asleep get your butt in that shower. It’ll save you time in the morning and you will also have time to get a ‘better’ shower in. I like to make sure I shower way before I go to bed (6/7pm) so that it has time to dry completely all naturally. This way I’m not using any heat on my hair, which obviously damages it more so. Also, washing your hair at night means that all your dirty hair oils from the day won’t be swimming all over your pillow.

Hair Oil

Hair oil is my secret weapon. It turns my rough dry hair into something drawn by Disney. The silky mermaid goddess returns for a while. I’ve spoke about my favourite oil previously in this post. I love to slap it all on and look like a total grease monster for around an hour, then go wash it off with my usual hair wash routine and it is like I’ve stepped out the shower a new person.

Wash Less

For growth I have always advised people to leave it as long as possible between washes! Since I fell pregnant and was always too tired to do anything to it, I went from washing it every single day to only washing it once a week, and the growth and condition of it now is absolutely amazing. It also fits perfectly into mum life! – Fern @Mumconventional

Dry Shampoo

I spray my hair with dry shampoo the night before it helps me get between washes and means I don’t have that chalky look I would if I used it in the morning. – Sophie @Sophobsessed

Leave in Conditioner

A leave in conditioner is your best friend. A light spray after washing your hair will act as a conditioner but also protect from further damage from styling. No waiting in the shower for it to work! Also stay on top of trims – book your next haircut when you’re paying for the current one, otherwise it will take a back burner amongst other things and you won’t find the time or get an appointment that suits. Aim for 6-8 weeks depending on the length of your hair. It’s also an hour out on your own which for most mums is like a spa day. – Helen @Welshmumwriting

Deal with it

Accept the inevitable, mum bun it and dress it up with a scrunchie to try and pretend the messy look was intentional – Kirsty @Lifewithboys

Hair Transplants

Hair loss in pregnancy and afterwards in real, I have a little patch at the start of my parting which has somehow disappeared, which I have been hiding by wearing my parting the other way around. The hair has slowly started growing back there but it looks like I’ve had a right good old chop with the scissors. Harley Street Hair Clinic specialise in hair transplants as well as raising awareness of their FUE procedure.

Strengthening Shampoo

A good strengthening shampoo and conditioner because it falls out after pregnancy and becomes so weak. Also regular cuts help and that also gives your hairdresser the chance to check it and give any advice. – Emma @Emmareed

Use less Heat

I barely use any heat on my hair (straighteners, hair dryer etc) so it dries naturally and I don’t have a ton of protection junk in my hair and since then my hair has been much healthier. I have curly/wavy frizzy hair but by leaving a good quality conditioner in before letting it dry it actually stops it going crazy. I also don’t really brush my hair anymore partly because if it dries in a nice curly/wavy style I don’t want to ruin that. – Jade @Jadeslongjourney 

Hopefully you’ve gained some great tips here from myself and a few fellow bloggers. All things that will help care for your hair in the long run even with your busy schedule.

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