The Do’s and Don’ts of Nursery Window Screening

Of all the rooms in the house, the nursery is one that warrants careful thought regarding design. Soft colours are a must and you need to ensure that the window screening can block out all the exterior light – essential for afternoon sleeps – and for both functionality and design, blackout blinds are the obvious choice. It is essential that you can create darkness when it’s time for sleep. Blackout blinds give you this and a lot more.

Image by Allen Taylor

  • Do Verify the Supplier – Thankfully, the majority of blinds suppliers offer a bespoke service and if you purchase from a leading online outlet, you can check their customer reviews. Anyone can create an attractive website, but if their customers are all extremely happy with the product and service, then you can proceed with confidence. A supplier like Made to Measure Blinds for example provide their clients with custom blinds. The Made to Measure Blinds durable made to measure blackout blinds are available at very affordable prices and the supplier has a terrific reputation for customer service as well.
  • Do Insist on Blackout Blinds – These are made for the nursery and having the ability to instantly darken the room is essential. Made to measure units would also offer sound insulation, making the room a little bit quieter. The supplier would have an extensive colour chart with attractive patterns should you wish to give the baby a visual focal point.
  • Don’t Choose Bright Colours – The base colours in a nursery should be soft pastel shades as this helps create a tranquil ambience. When closed, junior has a visually appealing backdrop. Try to avoid any bright colours, as this can be a distraction for the baby. Light blues, lilacs and of course, white, are all suitable shades for the nursery and with bespoke fabrication, you can be sure the blinds are a perfect fit.
  • Don’t Forget Movement – Some window screening is very flexible and moves with the slightest breeze, yet you want something that is static at all times. Flapping curtains are a distraction and could prevent the baby from sleeping peacefully, yet roller blinds are silent in operation and do not ripple about. Avoid having any direct airflow on the window screening, as this will definitely create noise.
  • Do Some Online Research – The Internet is full of informative articles on how to best design a nursery and this will give you a better understanding of what is required. Find out about possible toxic materials in the makeup of various screening possibilities and read about the ideal interior colour combinations. There are many innovative items you can hand above the cot to stimulate the baby’s senses and with the right fluffy toys at hand, keeping the baby interested is guaranteed.

By sourcing a bespoke supplier of blackout blinds, you will find the best screening for your nursery. With the right colour, the blinds will blend with the décor, while allowing you to have instant darkness any time you choose. The blinds are very affordable as you can order and fit them yourself. If you can change a plug, then you can fit blinds. Buying from an established supplier all but guarantees satisfaction and with a simple measurement form on their website, you can be sure the units will fit perfectly.

Check out the diverse selection of quality blackout blinds from online suppliers and you are bound to find what you are looking for.

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