Well, how on earth did that happen. 3 months ago I gave birth to my baby boy. I actually can’t wrap my head around how fast this is all going, its so scary, I would love to just pause time and hold on to all that little baby goodness. I’ve been creating keepsakes and taking tonnes of photographs and videos so I’ll always have little snippets of these early days.

But as much as I want things to slow down, I cannot wait until we all start creating proper memories together, including days out where he’s interested and involved, instead of being fast asleep in his carry cot like he currently is. I really don’t want to move up to his push chair, but I do at the same time, so he can start to see the world a little more, as currently he’s just staring up at the sky and the tops of trees.

He’s really starting to shine though now, he laughs and smiles at absolutely everything. He is completely into faces, he’ll stare down anyone, to the point where they begin to come uncomfortable and ask “whys that baby staring at me?”. Theodore now has a concerned look too, when we’re at our baby classes he watches other babies when they cry, and he honestly pulls the most sympathetic face, it’s adorable.

We are blessed with such a chill baby. He never cries and he always sleeps. Lately he’ll go down to bed at around 11pm, and won’t wake until 7/8am (sometimes 9!). So we get a lovely chunk of sleep me and Bradley, which means happier Mummy and Daddy = happier Theodore. A few nights ago we put him down to bed extra early, around 9.30pm, and he didn’t wake until 6am. I cannot believe how long he sleeps. I’m just crossing all my fingers that he stays the same.

After his morning feed he’ll go back down to sleep for around 2 hours, before he’s up and ready to tackle the day. This mean we get another 2 hours of lounging around (or sleeping ourselves), which gives me plenty of time in the morning to get myself ready and a little clean of the place.

Every time I look back on previous updates I can’t believe the change. Physically now he will hold his head completely with no support needed, and will do this on his tummy too. He’s also really started grabbing now. He reaches out for toys, or his blankets, his current favourite is this hanging little colourful crunchy butterfly, which he absolutely loves to pull! He’s also enjoying a blankie with lots of tags on (his favourite thing to put in his mouth).

Size wise he’s still in 0-3 clothes, although I have put away some of his 0-3 sleep suits because they’re getting a little short for him. Looking at his 3-6 clothes they’re totally too big for him, and I don’t think he’ll be in them until he’s between 4-5 months (we have a short arse on our hands!). He’s also still in size 2 nappies, and I think he’ll be in them a while more still, I think we changed to size 2 around 8/9 weeks old.

Theodore is happy all of the time it’s so charming, he has everyone swooning after him. A proper ladies man at that.