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Suddenly its Spring. How on earth are we almost into the fifth month of the year. I can’t quite believe it. I think we’re all in that Spring cleaning mode. There has been a shed load of decluttering going on over on Instagram lately from the likes of @actual_ar, she is the actual queen of decluttering. She’s currently into her fifth week of decluttering her inter home (shouldn’t have such a big house ay!). She has got me right in the groove to get sorted and to give our place the biggest deep clean. We’ll hopefully be moving soon so we want to leave this place as clean as possible. This got me in the mind set to share with you my cleaning tips, tricks and hacks. Including my favourite products too.

These two products below from Ace are brilliant. I’ve never had a spray bleach before but boy am I converted. This is great to spray high and around the edges of the shower where all the water and mould sit. I like to let it sit there for around 30 minutes, then have the shower on the most powerful setting to really harshly remove all the dirt and mould. Perfect so you don’t have to scrub and only need to put in around 2% of effort to complete this.

The multipurpose spray smells divine. The actual nozzle is my favourite bit of both these products, they spray out so well, cover a great amount of area and have that nice spray sound (hands up if you know what I mean).

You can also use these on stained clothes too, so two birds one stone, which also means more under sink space for other cleaning products (hurrah!).

This 18 In 1 natural pure soap from Dr. Bronner’s is something else. This isn’t just your normal multipurpose this is FULL ON multipurpose. Want to clean your floors? Yep! Want to wash your hair? Go ahead. This will clean absolutely anything you want. It’s made with pure angelic organic oils so zero harsh chemicals and nasties. Pure goodness. They sell a whole range of different natural scent but I’ve opted for the Green Tea one. It’s so natural that there is very very little bubbles (did you know bubbles were added in to soap?!).

What I’ve used this for mostly so far is congestion. I mix about 1tbsp into a bowl of steaming hot water, and breathe in all the wonderful natural mist. You can also mix this with water in your own spray bottle and clean any surface. I partially clean around Theodore’s cot and changing table with this since its so orgianic and I don’t have to worry about him somehow getting it on to his hands and into his mouth.

Zofolra Zoflora Zoflora. Need I say more? The holy grail of cleaning products. This will clean anything you want it too, and will make it smell great too. I have a whole range of different tips and tricks for Zoflora, but here’s my two favourites.

Soak your hoover filter and roller in warm water and Zoflora to give your carpets a fresh clean scent every time you hoover. I last did this before Theodore was born, and I can still smell it every time the house gets cleaned. It’s so dreamy, especially when you use the fresh linen scent on the carpets, they look and feel like brand new carpets.

Add a little bit of your favourite Zoflora scent to a cotton pad and stick it behind your radiators. When you have the heating on the heat will push that glorious smell right through your home. It’ll stick around so much longer than any defusers, candles and room sprays.

Here is some other Zoflora tips from other bloggers and friends of mine to help you get the best use possible:

“I put zoflora in my spray mop (the best invention ever!) and mix it with water when I am cleaning the laminate. It disinfects them and makes the house smell lovely!” – MumConventional

“Put some drops in to the bottom of the bin smells amazing when you open it” – Anklebiters Adventures

“Pop a capful into your fabric conditioner drawer of the washing machine! Gives the washing a longer lasting smell!!” – MayFlowerBlogs

“Make your own Zoflora wipes by pouring a few capfuls into a pack of unscented baby wipes” – Twinderelmo

“I put a few drops in the toilet cistern so smells great when it flushes!” The Mamma Fairy


What are your best Spring cleaning tips? Do you tend to find yourself doing more cleaning around this time of year?