Theodore is now 2 months old. Is time supposed to travel this fast?! Our newborn is now long gone, and he is now this little unique human being, with a huge personality, in the past four weeks he has come on in complete leaps and bounds, I can’t actually believe it. Everyday it’s something new with him, a new noise, a new fascination and lately a proper giggle.

I never thought it was possible to love someone this much, your own child is something else. There’s this beautiful connection that no one else could ever feel with them, and every day that connection grows larger and larger and feels completely unbreakable. Whilst you’re pregnant you wonder what your little baby is going to be like, the endless possibilities. Then, when you meet them you get this feeling of “yes, yes this is right, perfectly right” and you could never imagine them any other way.

In the last update I spoke about his colic, luckily he has quickly grown out of that splendidly, and now drifts off to sleep without a struggle in the world (like pure magic, thank you sleep gods). This means life has become a tad easier for me and Bradley, meaning more time between feeds and more time for us to do us stuff and catch up on sleep (of course). Theodore is still roughly sleeping 6ish hours through the night, which obviously is wonderful for us, meaning we’re not completely sleep deprived (hurrah).

The reflux is still very much there, the Gaviscon works but not amazingly anymore, so we’re going to try some of the Doctors other recommendations. It doesn’t effect us much, just the annoyance of going through thousands of bibs and muslins, but it obviously can’t be nice for our poor Theodore. He would probably go a little longer between feeds also if he wasn’t bringing a load back up, so if we can get that sorted it’ll benefit all three of us.

Glancing back on the last update I can’t believe how much has changed already. He smiles almost the whole day through, it makes my heart all warm and squishy. We’ve even had a handful of actual laughs, a sound like no other, pure innocents. He absolutely loves it when I sing, or even when I just chat to him about daily nonsense.

He also holds his head up now completely unaided for a couple of minutes until he gets too tired for it. He turns his head to noises and light, looks around the place and is entirely interested in the whole world around him. A nosey little bugger, just like his mum.