Spring Up Your Home this Easter with Flowerbe

March 24, 2018

This is a collaborative post.

Finally spring has arrived, which means Easter is afoot. Today I want to talk about the wonderful service at Flowerbe Flowers. A flower subscription with a difference, rarer more beautiful flowers that you wouldn’t see on the high street, or in any supermarket. They’re not machine arranged like the cheap mass produced flowers you find else where. These are carefully packed with the correct tools for you to arrange and style yourself. Keep them all together as a large bunch or separate to bring beautiful flowers into the hall, kitchen and lounge. By using different vase’s and colour combinations to create elegance throughout the home.

These flowers are for you to turn into whatever you and your house need. To match and work alongside your interior so you can truly make the most out of them. The concept is simple, you can easily sign up to a monthly/fortnightly subscription or you can purchase flowers as a ‘one off’. You can choose from a range of size options, so the choice is yours!

This easter I’ve been challenged to ‘style off’ my flowers within my home, choosing different styled flowers, colour themes and vase types to add an extra boost into my home this easter!

I’ve never had flowers delivered so beautifully. They’re so natural looking, and they’re ready for you to spruce up how you like. All the leaves are still attached and the stems are super long so you can cut them to your desired length, which is brilliant depending on what type of vase you have.

To tell the honest truth, I don’t know a thing about flowers, or how to arrange them, what should go where, how tall they should or shouldn’t be. I always find I’m questioning myself, “am I taking off too many leaves?” “do I need to take off more of the stem?”. Luckily for me (and all other flower beginners out there) a full wonderful guide comes along to help you care and display your flowers perfectly with all the tips and tricks that you need. Giving you advice about each flower type and how you should use them.

I was absolutely lost before reading the guide (yes I’m one of those who doesn’t read instructions first…). Just plonking all the flowers into a vase, looking like a wild shamble. I’m so glad I found a page with cute illustrations with information about each flower so I knew what they’re purpose was and how to use them correctly.

The Dinning Room

I decided to split my flowers into two bunches so I could spread the Spring feeling throughout the home. The first bunch I wanted to create a classy elegant look that could sit in the light airy dining room, so that dinner times could include a wonderful centrepiece to really wow dinner guests.

What I love most about this service is that you can choose to have a monthly subscription, where you can plan the dates off delivery, making sure you have wonderful handpicked flowers for all your special occasions and events throughout the year. Or you can just purchase one of sets for yourself or as a gorgeous gift, anyone would appreciate some flowers as special as these.

The Entrance Hall

Looking through the handy guide for inspiration I decided to displayed a more colourful bunch in the entrance hall to create a welcoming pop of colour to anyone who walks through the front door. Using the pinks and whites to bring that feeling of Spring and easter into my guests minds. The guide gives you lots of ways to display and use your flowers including creating a wreath, something I’ve always wanted to do. I plan to give that little tutorial a go when we move, I’d love to hang a homemade wreath on the door to match every season/occasion, and I think a fresh flowered one would embrace any knockers at my door.

If you’d like to purchase yourself or a loved one a bunch of flowers or a whole subscription worth head over to Flowerbe Flowers and order before March 27th at 10pm to get them in time for easter! Use the code BOX50 to get yourself 50% off. Which I is dirt cheap for some astonishing blooming flowers like these, you can’t go wrong!

Or if you’d like to see if you could win yourself a 3 month subscription of flowers there is currently a giveaway running on @flowerbepeople Instagram page where one of you can win a 3 month subscription for free. All you have to do is follow them, like their competition post and tag a friend. Competition closes on Friday 30th March.

Having flowers in the home again has really sprouted a burst of inspiration and happiness in all of us. The seasons are changing perfectly and starting to lift away all our cold winter blues. Roll on the rest of this wonderful happy year.

15 responses to “Spring Up Your Home this Easter with Flowerbe”

  1. Jade Wilson says:

    These look gorgeous! I love flowers, they always make a room so much brighter!

  2. Those followers are beautiful! I love that it included a little help guide for caring for them

  3. Rosie says:

    Omg this is such a beautiful idea!! There’s nothing quite like fresh flowers at home! My fave post of the day for sure!

  4. Maisie says:

    I love having fresh flowers at home! I will deffo check out this subscription as they all look so beautiful! x

  5. Lisa says:

    These are stunning! I absolutely love flowers to freshen up a room and like yourself, I always panic about taking too many leaves off and end up making them look naked haha! What a lovely way to do it!

    Lisa | http://www.ohluna.co.uk

  6. The bouquets look gorgeous! I really want to add more fresh flowers into my room! Xx

  7. Kelly-Anne says:

    Oh these are super pretty!!!! I love flowers in the home. We had five bunches last week, just because they are so colourful.

  8. This is such a great idea! They look beautiful. I have never heard of a service like this before. Very tempting!

  9. Hannah Jayde says:

    These are SO beautiful! I love flowers so much ( as you know from our lil shopping trips 😉 )

    Beautiful post! xxxx

  10. Georgia says:

    Both those arrangements are absolutely gorgeous! You can’t beat fresh flowers! Xx

  11. Gemma Louise says:

    Fresh flowers are one of my favourite things in the world and these ones look gorge! xx

  12. Lynne Madden says:

    Beautiful photos of very pretty flowers! ???????xxx

  13. This is a brilliant idea! I love the little guide that comes with it- I think I would have been at a bit of a loss too. The flowers are so pretty, I love the natural/garden style. Will keep this in mind as a bit of a treat!

    Amy X

  14. OMG those flowers are truly stunning! What amazing photograph too x

  15. There is absolutely nothing better than fresh flowers!

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