With mothers day just days a way you haven’t got long to get yourself sorted for your respected other half or your own mum. This is my first mothers day as a mum and I’ve got to say I’m excited to spend the day taking in all the baby cuddles from my little Theodore and (hopefully) not lifting a finger…

That’s what I want for Mothers Day, to just chill out, have a lie in, not change any nappies and a lovely card from Theodore. I suppose in the years to come I’ll be wanting something different, maybe to be able to go to the toilet in peace, or to be able to eat my lunch with some little grabby hands pinching it. But for now taking in all the baby-ness will do.

I always remember when I was younger me and my little sister Abigail would try make mum the best breakfast in bed on Mothers Day morning (usually just toast and a cup of tea), and some how we’d always have either the toast or the cup of tea stone cold from faffing around for too long. But I don’t think mum minded too much, I think the thought was nice, I hope?

I’ve asked some other bloggers and mums what they’re perfect mothers day gift would be, and most of them aren’t physical! – Us mums, easily pleased.

  • A cleaner to turn up and magically tidy the whole house and label things so my husband can find them without asking a thousand times. – TheGrowingMum
  • I’d love time to slow down. I am watching my children grow and it’s happening so fast. So I want time. Just more time. – KellyAllenWriter
  • All I want for Mother’s Day is a lie in, and to shower without a baby watching me – OdeToFitness
  • To be able to eat a bag of Maltesers to myself and not have to share! – StickyMudAndBellyLaughs
  • To be able to go to the toilet without being serenaded by general toddler noise, the word “mum” or variations thereof. I’d also quite like some chocolate that doesn’t have tiny teeth marks and drool all over it – GeeGardner
  • Food, lots of food and time to actually eat it before it goes gross or without tiny hands mauling it – 2NerdsAndABaby
  • I know its not for everyone but I really love receiving little hand made gifts and cards from my kids for Mothers Day. I love that they have made it themselves and lots of thought and love has gone into it. They also make lovely keepsakes to look back at in years to come. – TantrumsToSmiles (LOVE this one!)
  • What I really want is one whole day to myself. To do exactly as I please. To not have to worry about routines & naps & meal times & nappy changes! A day to just lounge on the sofa & watch crappy television. A day without having to have my boobs at the beck & call of a nine month old he-beast. That is what I really want for Mother’s Day. It’s not too much to ask is it? – FromRachaleClaire

What do you hope to receive for Mothers Day this year? Send this post to your other half to push for them ideas…