Pregnancy Update – 32 Weeks


32 Weeks 4 days.


Monday 25th December 2017


The aches and pains have got stronger and stronger, especially in my left side, every step has a heavy ache in it, just where my leg attaches to the rest of my body, its odd but I just try to ignore it most days.


The sleep has gotten a little better than before, I seem to becoming more tired every week, which lets me fall asleep easier and easier every night. I’ve happily got myself into a better night-time routine, settling down earlier and cutting out any sugary products past 9pm. It seems to be working in a way. Every morning I wake up bursting on the brim of wetting the bed, so this baby is squeezing on my bladder tightly.


My hair has somehow got DRYER, to the point that my roots are forming mattes. Which is something I’ve suffered with before, apparently, it’s a deficiency in vitamin B12, which also causes super-duper weak nails. These big clumps of hair which somehow intertwine with each other make me look like a long-haired dirty street cat.


We are now up to the size of a small Halloween pumpkin! Which fits in well with this past week! Or, if you’d rather know what ‘strange and wonderful’ animal we’re size comparison to it’s the Naked-tailed Armadillo, which is about 16.7 inches long!


Belly size still seems the same as two weeks ago, and the two weeks before that, and then the two weeks before that too… it’s not growing much at all really. But the midwife says its nothing to worry about, that some women don’t grow much at all during pregnancy, so maybe that’s just how I am.


We’re getting more and more excited as the weeks go on, especially as we’re getting closer to the new year where we will be moving house, we spend hours in the evening talking about how our little home is going to be and all the work Bradley is going to do on it to make it perfect. We keep saying to each other “I wish he was here now!”


A couple of nights ago I was in a very ‘sleepy state’ at around 9pm, drifting off to sleep, all comfortable and cosy, UNTIL someone (*cough* Bradley) decided it would be HILARIOUS too lick his finger and stick it in my ear because he ‘didn’t want me to fall asleep yet’… thanks boy… thanks. You wouldn’t think this would set me off in tears but evidently, it did.


We’ve now finished our months’ worth of antenatal classes, so we should be all ready and set to deliver this baby and look after him, time will only tell. At least we know all the ‘dos and don’ts’ and safety concerns. If anyone is expecting and thinking of going to some of these classes I would honestly recommend them! I thought I had learnt almost everything I possibly could of from the internet, but hearing from health professionals with up-to-date information really does open your eyes to into the world of pregnancy and birth. Plus, there’s nothing like a ‘live’ performance of how a baby makes its way through a women’s pelvis…


You might have read on my October Sightings that we had a small hiccup with Baby Zea recently. Last week I was taken into hospital in the evening for monitoring as his movements had reduced to almost nothing. Which was extremely odd as he has always been such an active little wiggler in there. After an hour or so laying still on a bed whilst they monitored his movements and heart we were given the all clear that everything was alright and we were able to return home. I went for a doper scan a day later just to check on the blood flow through the umbilical cord, to ensure that everything he needed was reaching him correctly, and that is all fine too. She also did a quick growth check and he has balanced himself out perfectly to a ‘normal’ sized baby – so thankfully I do not need to be induced, and I do not need to go in for any more scans. So now we just wait until the big day arrives… Just 52 days to go…

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  1. November 4, 2017 / 9:23 pm

    The times flies so fast! <3

  2. November 20, 2017 / 3:05 pm

    Aaaa I love your bump! Soon, soon he’ll be here 🙂 time has flown so fast by, I can remember the beginning of your pregnancy & now you’re almost at the end!

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