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So now I’m 33 weeks in to pregnancy I thought I am probably at the perfect ‘point’ to share with you all my personal pregnancy saviours. These are products that I’ve been using/wearing throughout this pregnancy to help make things a little more bearable and make me feel a little more human. Some items are definite MUSTS in pregnancy and others are just things that have helped bring me back down to earth from being the crazy hormonal woman you might find sobbing in bed on a Saturday evening…




Firstly, THIS STUFF. It’s been absolutely everywhere the past 6 or so months, every blogger has been raving on about it, so I guess I’m a little late on that bandwagon. I thought I’d give it a try since at the beginning of my pregnancy I was having sleepless nights due to the amount of anxiety I was having. I lathered my feet in it (that’s what the Lush lady told me to do!) and put a little bit on my temples and I was out like a light. I used it religiously for around a month or so, until I hit the wall of being CONSTANTLY KNACKERED about 5-6 weeks ago, I certainly don’t need any sleepy potions now…



Badedas, Badedas, BADEDAS. Gimme-Gimmie-Gimmie – I am just a tad obsessed with this stuff at the moment. The smell is just divine and it relaxes me to high heavens. Some time’s I’ll even just pop the lid to give it a sniff throughout the day… (not crazy I promise) My favourite time to use it is with a sponge in a boiling hot shower, it foams up so well and I use it on my hair and on my body. The next day I get whiffs of it from my hair and I am reminded of the fact that at the end of the day I can get back in the shower and experience the heaven that is in this bottle all over again.


Massage oil is beautiful product, Bradley hates it because he knows once I’ve got it out the cabinet he knows what I’m asking for… A BACK MASSAGE! I selected The Body Shop French Lavender scent because I thought the smell would help me with relaxation, and it really does! It really is a fantastic oil, I’ve had many massage oils in the past that have left my back oily for hours afterwards (which then your clothes stick too) but this Body Shop one soaks up quite quickly but the smell sticks around long enough for you to slump into a world of sleepiness.



Vaseline has been a huge help with my constant cracking lips I’ve been suffering with lately, I don’t know if that’s pregnancy related or not but I’ll blame anything on the pregnancy at this stage. Getting yourself a big old’ tub of the original stuff is much better than any of their fancy scents or tints. This stuff really works 10X quicker than any other lip balm product. I’ve even caught Bradley using it on his chapped lips this past week… (yes I see you using my Vaseline Bradley…)


I got gifted some Mandara Spa Oil by my dearest friend Aimee at our baby shower back in August. I’ve been using it on my super dry hair and mattes and it makes my hair SO SMOOTH AND SILKY. It is SUPER oily and greasy, I put it all over my hair about an hour before I tend to wash and condition it. Afterwards I feel like a glossy long-haired mermaid swishing my locks around in the bathroom mirror.


Nipple Balm – You WILL need nipple balm before you start breastfeeding, I promise you! These two pesty pluckers have turned into a pair of angry, tense, stubborn chihuahuas. They don’t want ANYTHING touching them or my whole body might just turn inside-out in disgust. Using some kind of nipple balm makes them less irritable and will help me go throughout the day without the constant need of a nipple-itch!



Talking about boobies, a soft maternity bra will work WONDERS for your pair of traffic stoppers. This one, which I got kindly gifted from *Theya Health Care is absolutely brilliant. It’s made from special Bamboo Fabric, making it super soft and breathable. They can be worn as a maternity/breastfeeding bra or a post-surgical bar, and because of this its made to be anti-bacterial and is 97% resistant to the growth of negative bacteria, which is obviously delightful whilst your feeding your newborn.


Being completely seam-free, with no wires makes everyday a bliss of pure comfort and happy boobies. They also come with removable modesty pads that give you a little bit of padding and nipple-hiding help. Obviously the front shoulder openings will make breastfeeding SO much easier than any normal bras or not wearing one at all!




*I was sent these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions on this blog are truthful and are of my own

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  1. November 11, 2017 / 4:46 pm

    I love this LUSH thing so much! Could use it all the time.

  2. November 20, 2017 / 3:04 pm

    Happy to hear that Sleepy helped you when you needed it 🙂 it doesn’t work for me for some reason but I don’t mind, I love the scent of it 😀

    ~ Jasmin N

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