Pregnancy Update – 30 Weeks

30 weeks… 30… I keep saying this but this pregnancy is FLYING by. 9 months as a whole seems like such a long period of time, but its almost over. In a blink of an eye this baby will be here, and another blink he’ll be a year old. 

The future feels so scary for us at the moment, you can be as prepared as possible for your first child but I don’t think you really know what it’s going to be like until the day it happens. It’s certainly not going to be as easy as I used to imagine it would be. Back when I was 16, picturing what it would be like to have our own baby one day, and how everything would be perfect. Truth is, nothings perfect, and it never will be. 

Since I feel like this pregnancy is slipping out of our hands faster than we ever thought, I decided that I wanted to document these last 10 weeks a little more closely. For something we can look back on when this time is just a distant memory.


30 weeks 1 day


Monday 25th December 2017


So far I think my physical being is doing better than my mental being. Although saying that it’s probably just all the hormones. I have aches and pains in my hips/sides/legs/back/head/arms/feet but… apart from all that which I seem to be coping with quite well, everything is looking and feeling quite alright with me. Some days I wake up forgetting that I’m even pregnant, unless I get kicked awake in the morning by this trouble-maker which seems to forming inside of me.


I either have the most amazing god-sent nights with no interruptions or I have an anxiety filled, vomit filled, flipping and turning over every 5 minutes god-awful sleep. There is no in between stage for me lately. 


Besides the giant football I’m caring around on my front?? I’m certainly still rocking the hormones this stage of pregnancy, and my hair has got super dry, which means I don’t need to wash it so much (yay for lazy days). Still talking about my appearance, my facial skin has probably been as clear and lovely-looking as it has ever been. I would be pregnant for life if I could keep my face like this! One not-so-great symptom I’ve had recently is my brand-new-3000-friends on my breasts… stretch marks *insert crying emoji here*. One day they weren’t there at all, and the next day they’d created an army. Absolutely mortified. So much for all that bloody bio-oil I’d been lathering up in for weeks eh?!


Apparently the size of a large cabbage and as long as cucumber…? Which when I think about it seems HUGE


My bump grew so quickly from 12-20 weeks, but since 20 it has seemed to stay almost the same size. Before, people we’re calling me huge, and now I’m getting called petite / tiny / cute (i ain’t cute fuck off). But I’m sure the belly will have another growth spurt between now and due-date-day.


I’m so excited for the family days-out and activities which we’ll be doing once Zea has arrived and we’ve settled into our new way of life. Myself and Bradley talk about all the things we’ll do and places we’ll go in our new little threesome. We should also be moving house in the new-year and we are beyond excited and giddy for that. Bradley can’t wait to get his hands on our own place that we can do-up and it just be the three of us.


The biggest cry I’ve had recently would either have to be the discovering of my stretch marks or when we discovered (prepare for TMI) that my milk had come in… That was more of a 10 second hysterical laugh followed by screeching tears because I so wasn’t expecting to see it, and honestly I just panicked and didn’t know what to do with this new information that my breasts now contained and made milk…


The biggest one has certainly got to be the milk situation. Other than that we haven’t ‘hit’ any pregnancy milestones per-say. We have been to two antenatal classes now, one all about birth/labour and the other about feeding and bonding. Both actually we’re super informative and actually quite fun. Although myself and Bradley couldn’t stop giggling when she was doing the breastfeeding demonstrations with a knitted boob… I guess we’re still inner teenagers at heart… pmsl


Remember how the doctors and midwives told us he was HUGE and they might have to induce me? Well we went for our growth scan last week, and turns out he has slowed down in growth massively.  So now he’s a little smaller than they would like to see. Which I am now worrying about. We’re booked in for another scan in 2 weeks to check his growth again. He fell from 97 percentile to 50, so it’s just something they’ve got to keep their eyes on now. So I will be going for scans every 2 weeks until he’s due.

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  1. October 22, 2017 / 4:30 pm

    My stepdaughter was born during Christmas and all my husband ever says is that everything is closed at that time of year in hospital lol! Just remember to pack plenty of snacks!

    Mel ★

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