How to Get Your Home Autumn Ready!

Now that these dark autumn evenings are drawing in it’s now getting to the time of year where you need to switch your heating on, and get all your thick fluffy blankets and throws out the cupboard. This is the time of year where I always feel like re-arranging and re-decorating the place. Changing the coloured tones to create more of a warm vibe, but, if I decorated every time it changed season I would both be spending a dump-load of time and money on refashioning the place that I’d never actually stop!

So I’ve compiled a list of things I like to do to my home this time of year without breaking the bank and without spending all my spare time painting and moving furniture (which I already got told off for doing once this pregnancy… wasn’t me!)


Even if like me you don’t ‘do’ Halloween, it doesn’t mean you have to carve them or put them on display outside your home to entice trick-or-treaters. Just having a few either inside or in your back garden will help create that autumn vibe that we’re all longing for. You could even opt for some smaller pumpkins or some squash. You can even purchase green or yellow squash to add a larger range of colours, and grouping a couple of these together can produce a pleasant display.


I’m constantly having to tell myself ‘no’ in stores because I want to purchase a new duvet cover set. Because really why does one bed need so many?! Just yesterday I had to tell myself to put a whole range of beautiful brushed cotton sheets and throws back because I couldn’t justify spending £50 on it. Especially because I already have around 8 covers at home. But I will always make the point to switch to my brushed or flannel bed sheets when the temperature drops. I like to choose a set containing lots of browns, yellows and oranges, or something patterned with a woodland-like design. Currently, we have on our hedgehog and fox brushed cotton sheets from ASDA’s last year’s collection.


As autumn approaches, it’s the perfect time to prepare your garden office for the cooler months ahead. Garden offices have become increasingly popular, offering a serene and separate workspace within the comforts of your home environment. To ensure your garden office is autumn-ready, start by checking and reinforcing its insulation to keep the space warm and energy-efficient. Consider adding weather stripping to doors and windows to prevent drafts. Updating the interior with warmer lighting and cozy furnishings can create a more inviting atmosphere as the days get shorter.


Go collect some of the natural free decorative items that you can find on the forest floor! Conkers, pinecones, dried leaves and even twigs can help create little displays. Add a couple of collections to different rooms in the house to give that earthy-vibe. You could even put these all into a clear vase to flaunt on a windowsill or countertop. One piece of advice I must give though is ALWAYS CHECK FOR BUGS!


Nothing ruins a beautifully displayed home like an unpleasant smell, that’s why candles and wax melts are a MASSIVE must. You don’t even need to go crazy on buying extortionately priced Yankee Candles, small independent brands do the exact same job as the bigger well-known brands. Party Animal Supplies kindly sent me some of their products to trial and I just couldn’t bring them up and include them in this post. Their beautiful wax melts (pictured above) come from a world of dreams. The Tea Party melt smells just like Bakewell tart, (although I wouldn’t recommend trying to eat it) and makes my home smell like I’ve been slaving in the kitchen preparing delicious cakes (when I truly haven’t). The super cute Fluffy Cloud melts have a super fresh scent with a few woody hints within, and for £2.50 for four you can’t go wrong.

All their soy melts are 100% vegan and handmade with lots of love and care. It feels satisfying knowing your money is helping small business and not effecting any animals in the process. This online store has tonnes of gifts for all year round INCLUDING Christmas time! They have homeware, soaps, bath bombs and so much more.

*I was sent these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions on this blog are truthful and are of my own

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    I was looking for a perfect autumn melts and candles, I will definitely check this company out! <3

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