Dear Baby Zealand,

My precious little boy, you are growing so fast and soon it’ll be time for us to meet face to face. We’ve already met heart to heart 185 days in a row and we’ve already felt each other’s movements over and over. Now I can’t wait for our skin to touch, and our eyes to meet. So I can finally hold you in my arms and give you all the love I’ve been saving for you.

Every day I think about you and wonder what you’ll look like. More like me or more like your father? Will your eyes be green like mine or blue like his, or perhaps a mixture of the both? Curly hair like his or dead straight like mine? I’ve seen you in my dreams a couple of times, and you’re just a miniature-cute-chubby version of your dad, I kind of hope that that’s the case. But how-ever you look you’ll always be beautiful to me.

We used to say “one day” about having a baby, and now that one day is rapidly approaching, just a short 13 weeks now until your due date, but I guess you could be here much sooner than that. We’re all making our guesses to whether you’ll arrive before or after Christmas Day, or whether you’ll be a 2017 or 2018 baby – who knows?! You just come when you’re ready little one.

I and your dad talk about all the fun adventures we’re going to go on, how we’re going to spend our summers with you. We talk about how when we get our own house Daddy’s going to build you a tree house. We talk about our little family of three, and how we’re going to be inseparable, just the three of us against the world.

We bicker over who already loves you more, although we both know we love you just as much. I always thought I couldn’t love anything more than I love your father, but apparently, that is not true. My love for you is a different kind of love, the type that would never fade or lose a spark. A huge damn pot of unconditional love, that’s what’s waiting for you my baby boy.

I’m so ready for you little one. Grow well in there, you’ll need all the protection you can get from this world – but I promise that’ll I’ll do everything in my power to never let anything hurt you.

I love you so much,

Mummy x

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