Sightings from June 2017


My final piece for our Final Major Show

These passing months have just been merging together like one big blur, I feel like I hardly know what day it is anymore, especially after finishing college. I no longer have the structure in my life. Last night was our Final Major Show, where myself and my classmates showcased our final pieces which we had been working on since January. It was lovely to see the support everyone’s family and friends gave. After the evening had finished for some reason I felt deflated, perhaps because that’s the last time I’ll be seeing my classmates together like that, as I’m not doing the top-up year whereas I believe all of them are.

I have finally started to enjoy reading again, I purchased the book ‘The Versions of Us’ on a whim at Waterstones whilst I was reading the handwritten reviews they have there. I am actually really enjoying it and am loving the way it is written.

I’ve got a few blog posts planned for the duration on July, hopefully, I’ll be able to get them written and keep inspired especially as now I have a lot more free time on my hands, but I usually fall into a pit of laziness in the summer months so we will see how many I actually get written.




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