Sightings from May 2017

May disappeared quicker than I could ever have imagined, and now suddenly we’re 9 days into June. I find the speed of time a scary thing (did you know its 28 weeks until Christmas?!). We’re half way into 2017 and I still haven’t completed a single New Years Resolution of mine… Whoops.

I and Bradley spent 4 nights away in Mallorca, and I made myself extremely proud as I didn’t have one anxiety-related slip up throughout the whole stay. Which compared to my anxiety filled holiday last year is a HUGE happy step for me. I’m currently just finishing up with college and will be completely college-free by next week. I plan on working on my blog more over the Summer, including a little re-branding including a name change…! 

I have a huge and important blog post scheduled to go up next week so keep your eye’s open for the most exciting post I’ve ever written. 

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