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  1. Maria
    February 16, 2019 / 11:15 am

    Really like your Boudoir shots, they look really professional have you got any more in the pipeline? I really like some of the underwear in your shoots too. I saw Gee made a post last year about being more body confident and more you (Ordering Phentermine Online Reviews) and I really like posts that encourage body positivity and encourage people to show off their bodies with confidence.

    I mentioned on her post about a group I had set up years ago that acted a little bit like a secret Santa I guess you could say. We were just a group of women who all had body confidence issues but we sent each other our sizes/measurements and once a month we would pick lingerie from different websites or things we hadnt worn ourselves and would all get a set and gift it to someone else in the group taking it in turns to gift something to another.

    It was great as you never knew what you might receive from someone else and it prevented that awkward ‘feeling obliged to wear it just because your partner had purchased it for you feeling’. Also meant we tried many varying styles that we wouldnt normally have dared to buy for ourselves and we didnt have things collecting dust in our wardrobes that we had no intention of wearing as we could send them to others. Share the positivity and the love between others is a great message and thanks for encouraging it.

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