The Teenage Years. Pt 1

November 13, 2016

So last weekend I found my old diaries from 2010-2011 and these entries are utterly embarrassing… (why did I talk about boys so much?!) So what better than to create a new series on my blog to embarrass myself further. Now I’m unsure whether to use the real names of people or to use some type of code? But if you’re going to put something out there you may as well put it all the way out… Right? Well, I hope this doesn’t backfire.
I will be writing this exactly how it’s written, so please excuse spelling mistakes, text talk and poor grammar.

“Monday 15th November 2010 (14 years old) 

Me and Charlie are going out! I said yes to him tonight over msn. Tomorrows going to be awkward I think. 

For Alex’s birthday she’s going to ask if her boyfriend (Jake) Aimee and her boyfriend (Henry) Chloe and her boyfriend (Joe) and my and my boyfriend (Charlie) can sleep at hers on 4th December night! Which is a Saturday. I’m quite scared for that! 

Athena’s obsesed with Matt still 

I’ve just finished photography and food homework. hehe! 

We have Mrs Baker back in Art! Yeaaah! Cause’ she was away having a baby. It’s 23:50om I bet get to sleep since I need to get up and ready for 6:00am!I know its realy early! 

Athena had her hair cut today, I guess it looks shorter, I think her fringe is worse though! 

Nicole still fancy’s me she said! 

Me and Charlie out: 15th November 2010 at 21:12pm Sigh”

Teusday 16th November 2010 (14 years old) 

Today was a bit awkward, we didn’t hold hands 🙁 but we hugged twice! He gives great hugs! I really like him, I hope we last a long time, hmm, I don’t know what I could get him for a christmas present, a c.d? I will just ask him. 

It’s his birthday on 28th March 1996, he’s two days younger than me! I’m taller than him!! I think but maybe only by a small bit :’)  

I’m really happy atm, having a good time with Charlie, me and my friends are good, and schools good. Thomas hasn’t spoken to me since I started going out with Charlie, hmm, oh well, his loss. haha! 

I’ve been drawing on my wall in water colour pencils, woow! I really want clear skin! I’m going to try cause everyone looks better with clear skin. 

I’ve been tired alot resently, sometimes I can feel my right eye twitching. 

Athena might be moving! Although she can be very annoying sometimes! She’s nice to be with excsept the whole obsestion over Matt. Hope me and Charlie hold hands tomorrow! Sigh”

After reading these I had to close the notebook because I had been cringing too much over what I had written and cringing over the fact that I was about to share it!
Don’t get too upset… I and Charlie didn’t last. In fact, I think we broke up 2 weeks later. And Athena, I don’t know why I didn’t like your fringe… I’m sorry!

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