The Teenage Years. Pt 2

November 28, 2016

Here is the second post from this series of blog posts “Diary Entries”. The two following entries are dated back to September 2011, around a year after the previous posts dates. Again this is re-written exactly how it is in my diaries… So please excuse my poor grammar. 

Thursday 1st September 2011 (15 years old)

 Well hello there! Today I spent the day with Athena, we had some great fun as it was a rather hot day. I think I finally completed my photography ‘My Summer Project’ movie, it makes me laugh watching it, it’s been a great summer.

Alex and Jake broke up today, because he kissed Gabriella a few times at a party. He’s hurt her badly, and she didn’t deserve it.

 Also that Danny boy has totally been ignoring Chloe since the things they did. I think he used her, maybe he is a bit of a player. No he is a player.

I still having feelings for Sam, so I’m not sure what to do.

I’m just going to try make more friends over facebook, but then actually meet them in real life. Maybe it will boost my confidence.”

11th September Sunday 2011 (15 years old)

Hello! Ten years ago today the 9/11 happened 🙁 sad sad

I was at Connors party last night! Got drunk out of my mind! So fun though, I kind of like Ollie now, I think i’m over Sam now, 100%. I quite like Alexander too though, haha.

Nathan was there FIT, and Chloe was with him a lot, being weird with each other (I think they kissed) but she was at her boyfriend (Connors) party!

 I think Connor knew because he ‘accidently’ kissed Elzie because he thought it was Chloe… hmmmm lies

 Now I’ve just seen on Facebook that Chloe is single, so they’ve split up.

 I love life at the moment <3″

To conclude; I fancied four people in the space of 10 days and Chloe went through three boyfriends

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