Catching Up With Old Friends

July 22, 2016


Meeting up with old friends is a wonderful feeling. Yesterday I got the chance to meet Aimee who I haven’t seen since school in 2012 as she moved away. Giggling about old times and catching up on four years worth of gossip over many cups of coffee was delightful.


Since Aimee lives down in London we decided to meet half way in Peterborough for a day, the weather was perfect for walking around and sitting outside for hours. Although we had a strange man secretly draw us whilst we drank our Starbucks, and for the first time EVER they spelt my name correctly on the cup!



I cannot believe we went four years without seeing each other, it seems crazy! I guess life just gets in the way and time just goes too fast. Sorry this post was a little short, I just wanted to share these images, I think Aimee looks so pretty in the photograph of her.


One response to “Catching Up With Old Friends”

  1. Moth says:

    Seeing old friends is an amazing thing. I'm so glad you've made it! 🙂

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