Visiting the National Media Museum

May 25, 2016

On Monday we took a trip to the National Media Museum to see the exhibition ‘Gathered Leaves‘ from Alec Soth which is currently up until June 26th. Whose images explore America’s un-social landscape and people living out there. Gathered Leaves presents a decade of Soth’s photographic work, we viewed four signature series including his recent outstanding project Songbook.



His work captures human life in such a stunning way, and shows you a heartfelt sense of what our life as a race is about. Spending time traveling America searching for people who have left society behind. Photographing people living in the strangest places, whilst beautifully presenting why these modern hermits are wanting escape the rest of the world. Showcasing unseen landscapes and the men and women who have a dream of disappearing from society.





These kinds of images really show you how the majority of the human race has disconnected from the planet and earth itself, and honestly I find it quite sad.
The museum is full with 8 floors of everything photographic, where you can learn the history, science and culture of photography. Has to be my favourite most inspirational museum trip to date.

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