9 Things About Being an Adult You Didn’t Learn in School

July 22, 2015

I must think to myself “why didn’t I learn this at school” 100000 times already in my adult life. It’s crazy right?! Yet I remember learning the carbon cycle, algebra and trigonometry? Is it just me or did schools fuck up badly?

1. Taxes

Like a taxi cab? Like what?! How do I pay them? Do I have to? I’m currently self-employed so I’ve got to do my own taxes eventually when I’m earning above the fresh hold. But how…?! I am completely clueless.

2. Paying Bills

Electricity? Water? Gas? We are currently renting and that is all included but some time in the future we will have to sort that shit out! Do you send checks or is it direct debit?! 

3. Mortgage 

How on EARTH to I get one of these?! How much am I allowed to borrow?! When do I pay it back?! I want my own house now! Can I have one now?!

4. Politics & Who to Vote for
I voted last election, I couldn’t who for though. We need more info on these bullshitting parties.

5. How to handle money
How do I save money correctly? What is interest? How do I stay away from debt? Is using a money box still practical as an adult?!

6. Finding a job
I don’t remember ever getting told where or how to apply for a job. No clue if it was newspapers, internet or you just went in and asked. At my first job interview I had no idea what was going to go down… I got the job though!

7. Travelling 

Still at almost 20 I am getting someone else to book my plane tickets & hotel. I honestly have no idea where to start. Do they come as a package deal? Or do you book everything individually and link them together? What if I fuck up?

8. Mental health 
This is a huge one. Not till I was 15/16 did I ever come across the term ‘Mental Health’. And I didn’t learn it from school either, I learnt it from my own experience/health. And still then it was puzzling and a scary subject. Mental heath needs to be taught properly though-out education, giving teenagers the chance to talk/learn about what there going through before they get too deep.

9. Being a parent

I don’t know if they didn’t teach us this to try stop young pregnancies or what. But I remember not getting taught a single thing about looking after a small child/baby. Don’t give me your baby, I don’t even think I could hold it correctly.

Schools really need to knock up there game. They want us to grow up fast but don’t teach us 

anything worth while!

What pointless things do you remember learning at school?

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