Car Boot Home Haul

June 11, 2015

 It’s getting closer to our moving date! (Fingers crossed no one pulls out) We’ve got 27 days so still plenty of time for packing and searching for new homey bits (exciting!)

Last weekend myself Bradley and a few friends found ourselves again at the local weekend carboot. It was so god damn windy, that when we got back in the car to leave we noticed how much dirt was all over each of our faces, yuk! Other than that I got a few lovely little bits for our new place without spending over £4.00!

This super cute vanity mirror 

was an absolute steal at only 

10p! It needs a little bit of tlc 

and maybe a bit of glue in places 

but other than that I was not 

going to miss an opportunity like 

this. Under the glass back is a 

lovely embroidered cotton 

sleeve, it’s so beautiful and 

perfectly done  with  not a stitch 

out of place. This is going to be 

so perfect to have on my dresser 

at our new place. Although I am 

still yet to find a dressing table at 

an affordable price.

A little boring but I desperately needed something to drink some rosé from… Found these at the bottom of a box wrapped up in newspaper for 5p per glass. It’s a big pain in the bum that they’re was only 3 not 4 but never the less I can’t complain for the price. 

Now, I am totally in love with 

this mirror. It is so so beautiful 

and I cannot believe any body 

would even sell it. I got it for 

£2.00! I am utterly shocked at 

how much this was, although 

now I think I may have too 

many mirrors… At least we’re 

moving into a bigger place? 


Although Bradley said we 

weren’t getting anything that 

wasn’t on the list I seem to have 

also got some new skinny joni 

jeans… for £1… 

Not too sure how the King Charles 

drawing entered my bag, but lets just 

say when I see a tonne of boxes and 

hear a lady shouting “fill a bag for a 

quid” there’s no stopping me. So I got 

the picture for around 15p with some 

other bits. Just thought the doggy 

looked cute + sad and that I needed 

to bring it home, but also I have the 

perfect place for it in my head at our 

new home.

Now, I really shouldn’t have brought 

this camera… Prior to this I already 

owned 31 cameras… But for £3 for 

Ebay, for a perfectly functioning 

camera… Yes please.

We’re still yet to find some cutlery, mugs and glasses. But we’ll have another hunt this weekend too probably. We’re also looking out for some sort of dividers, like the Japanese kind? But we’re having hard luck trying to find some any where for a decent price, to even do up ourselves. If you know any where let me know!

Are you currently searching budget buys? Let me know what you found!

Some time this week I plan to have a beauty/skin care routine post up, so look out for that.

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