A Plates and Elephants Home Haul

May 27, 2015

Since we’re moving into our own little place soon I’ve been collecting up some super sweet home decor and kitchen bits. We’re on a very tight budget so the item’s we’ve bought cost only pennies. Some little more expensive items have been gifts.

Plates! We found these super lovely plates at our local car boot. For 20p a plate! Considering we we’re willing to pay 50p per plate we couldn’t let these ones go + they are CUTE VINTAGEY CHINA PIECES FROM HEAVEN. They have that lovely gold lining all the way around which makes me feel just a bit sophisticated + I can act posh at my diner parties now!

THIS IS SO FABULOUS. I bought the elephant print/newspaper from Ebay, they sold tonnes of these kind of things. But if you know me at all elephants are my groove. The print was about £5.00. Then I bought the frame from Poundland, it’s a bit plasticly but it will do! I love off-grey frames, they do sell white but it was blindingly bright!

Yes, yes I know it’s not home decor but it may as well be! DAISY doesn’t just smell beautiful, it looks beautiful too. It stands out with all Bradley’s ugly men perfume bottles. This was a gift, I can’t come to terms spending high dollar on a bottle of liquid. These fake pink roses we’re also from Ebay. 99p per bunch (thats one bunch), I got 3 so that they fill out a vase comfortably. For 99p they are surprisingly good quality. They were a little squished when they arrived but they soon popped back into shape!

Now I got this from Bradley for my birthday. In fact I chose it myself and agreed with the creator which designs I wanted, then just used his credit card (he knows). I think it is absolutely beautiful, and I intend to get another made with a ‘B’ with similar designs. I believe this was £16, it only took a week for her to create, and no P&P charges because she only lived in my local town, so I made Bradley go pick it up!

Next to purchase will be some cutlery, we’re going to the markets again this weekend so we’ll keep an eye out. 8th July couldn’t come quicker, we’re so excited, our Argos book has so many folded pages! We’ve already been given a fridge/freezer and sofa by family/friends.

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  1. You've done so well finding such gorgeous items for so little! I absolutely love the elephant prints, I have a similar print on my phone case! I just love everything, little touches in a house are what make it yours, I bet you are so excited to move in! You've convinced me to get to a car boot, I never really thought about getting home ware items there, I always think it's just clothes!


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