It’s Been Some Time…

May 26, 2015

Firstly, I am terribly sorry for the lack of posts, well in fact no posts for almost 2 months. So much has been going on time has just gone too quickly for me to catch it! I have been having trouble even trying to remember what’s been going on lately. Here’s a break down… ( Sorry it’s a little tedious ) 


Freaking yes! Never have I felt happier, my stress levels are totally down to almost a point. I was not even the slightest bit sad about leaving. I can’t begin to explain how unhappy I was there. The best part is now I am working for myself and it is the most wonderful feeling, I have never felt so positive about working. I can but all my energy into my own business and make sure it can be as brilliant as possible. Want to leave your job?! Look here for advice.


In the matter of 2 months I have 4 very close family moves. Everyone is going a little loopy ( defiantly including me ) about the whole situation. As of around 3 months ago I lived with my mum, my sister, mums boyfriend and his daughter. But after my sister Abbie decided to move to our dads back in late March, my Mum and her boyfriend’s relationship ended.


Things at home got quite difficult, so I moved to Bradley’s ( I had already lived with him for 7 months back in 2013 ) and was living there until last week. Now my mum has been alone in a huge family home since her boyfriend and his daughter left. 


Me and Bradley are now living with friends. And soon we will be helping mum move into her lovely new smaller home at the end of June. I am so happy for her to be moving there it’s completely perfect for her and the two kitties. I know she’ll be so much happier there too.


To make life just a little bit more difficult Bradley’s family is also moving! ( So confusing I know but stick with it ). Although they have to leave there home on 1st June and are not able to move into their new home until the 8th July. They’ve purchased a caravan and are going to be living in that for a while. Roll on the 8th July when we move into there new house with them, the best part is we have our own annex/apartment/flat which is attached to the house, and it is so perfect for us two, I am already in love with it and we haven’t even moved in yet! We’ve been looking around for furniture and decor and already I am so pleased with everything we’ve got our eyes on! 

Sorry for the totally boring post, felt like I needed to explain what’s been going on a little bit.

Now back to normal posts! I’ve come to terms that I really need to come up with some kind of schedule for posts.

( I’ll figure that out soon… maybe? ) 




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