Failure is Not an Option

March 15, 2015

Success and average don’t go together. You need to step up, be capable, be powerful. You need to become allergic to average. Average is easy, and success is not easy. Life’s a struggle I know, we all go through the same shit, its how you handle the shit that makes you different. It’s not what happens to you, its how you respond, it’s your moment. You can’t chose what happens, you’ve just got to embrace it.

This life, its been given to you for a reason, and deep down you know that reason. Weather its too write or sing, you know what you’ve got to do to make your life a success, not a success for any body else, but a success for you. The power is in your hands, show impact, change and don’t look back. You’re swimming in potential but drowning in fear. Stop giving up – Stop being afraid. You don’t need a degree to be successful, you need knowledge, knowledge is power. Knowledge is key. You know what you want, why don’t you go after it?! You need to give 110% 365 days a year, to play hard you need to work hard first! Nothing will be handed to you on a plate, you’ve got to go out there and chase your dreams, fight for what you believe in. Take full responsibility, it’s so easy to blame everyone else, your excuses only sound good to yourself, you’re only pushing yourself further away from the final result. 

You can not let yourself get comfortable at average. You can’t let yourself get to the age of 85, sitting in your rocking chair and thinking about your average life, because what kind of life worth living was that?! A pointless one! No one likes average people, no one hires average staff, no one trusts average businesses. 

What gives you purpose? What drives you? Start with that! Think big but start small, start with what you’ve got because its manageable, then build up. Small baby steps, don’t bury yourself, the best things start small and grow. Stretch yourself, you’ve got to make every second count. 

My biggest fear is wasting life, yours should be too, you’ve got one chance, one instant, one shot, just one. Want something? Go out and get it! Stop thinking “I should have” and start thinking “I will”. Don’t let people tell you otherwise, do it, and then tell them “I told you so.” People push for perfection, and say you need perfection. You don’t have to be perfect, perfection is a lie! 

Remove the disfunction around you, stop messing with the same people and things which bring you lower into the ground, show them what you really are, show them what you can do. Change what needs to be changed! Stop looking in the mirror and complaining about your weight when you don’t go to the gym! Complaining about it is going to get you nowhere! You’ve got to fight for what you’ve want, you’ve got to fight for change you want to see in your life.

Plough through the shit life drops in front of you. Ok, bad things happen but you shouldn’t let it make you weaker. Climb that pile of shit and concur it. “I don’t do well in maths” you know what you’re right, because you don’t study! You don’t try! You don’t fight for what you need and want. You can be successful in anything if you fight for it. Take the extra lessons, put more effort into it, ASK FOR HELP. 

Failure is not an option.

I’m frustrated by people that aren’t reaching for there personal success. You need to wake up because you’re running out of time. This message isn’t too tear you down, its to help you to get back up, to try harder. 

Do you believe that you could be living in the world you dream of? 

Life’s short, its that simple. 

Are you winning?

3 responses to “Failure is Not an Option”

  1. Alexandra Stephens says:

    Lovely Caitlin 🙂 xxx

  2. Thank-you for reading Alex! xox

  3. Magna Armis says:

    Good stuff Caitlin.
    Reads well, chuckling a little at conquering the pile of shit. Good stuff. (y) x

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