Diving Through Google Street View

March 23, 2015

For the past year or so I have found myself searching around on ‘Google Street View’ for entertainment. Placing that little yellow man down anywhere on the map. Today I came across a folder on my laptop which I have tonnes of print screens saved of my favourite places found, and I really want to show you them! So here are a few of my favourite images, I wish I had the locations of these images too but sadly I don’t 🙁

(My favourite one, somewhere in India)

(I like this one because it almost says my name on the tank)

A little bit of a dull post but I got so excited when I found these images!

I guess you could say its like a little project I’ve been doing without even realising. I wish I could travel to places like these and see them for myself, and take my own real photograph. 

Is there any place you know I should check out on Google Street View? Beautiful or Hilarious? Let me know!

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