Hate Your Job? Hand in your notice!

You know you want to quit your day job, every waking minute makes you hate it even more. So why don’t you quit?


(Joey Tribbiani – Friends)

I get it, your job, its stable. Some times money is tough. You have bills too pay, you need food to eat, and that is totally understandable, for a while. Until the day comes when you realise how UNHAPPY your job is making you. It’s a scary thought, quitting a job when you haven’t got another lined up. Good things happen to good people.

In the August of 2013 I started working at my first ‘real’ paid job. For a while, I didn’t mind it. The money was good, I only had to work 5pm – 8pm weekdays, which fitted splendid around college times. But oh so very suddenly, A LOT of people started leaving, which is when I realised, this isn’t a job you ‘stay in‘.

I began to dread each day walking down those hospital corridors (Forgot to mention, I worked in a hospital). Management slowly disappeared, I quickly found myself doing jobs I was not trained or paid for. Training new staff, staff that mostly knew no or little English. It became difficult. Now you have to put into perceptive, I was at the bottom of the ‘food chain‘. I had only been working for about a year. Soon I found that I was in control of a LOT of situations. If I wanted someone gone, they were gone. If I wanted to cut down my hours, they were cut. I then found myself thinking about work at home, letting it stress me out. 

Then I got sad, VERY sad. My confidence plummeted to the ground. My anxiety got worse, for a period of time, I couldn’t leave the house. Situations at home became very difficult. I was blaming myself and my family for becoming so depressed, so much that I no longer wanted to exist. 

I got taken to the doctors and was put on anti-depressants. These helped me, MASSIVELY. In the November of 2014 I handed in my notice. Without a job to fall back on. I didn’t tell my Mum, I knew she’d be angry (a sensible, fantastic woman). I applied for jobs which were actually in my filed of choice, Photography. The first job I got an interview for, I got. Pixi Foto. Baby/Family portraits was suddenly my everyday. 

I am now happy that I am currently working in a filed in which I enjoy. My dream though, is to become full time self-employed (whose dream isn’t!). Recently I’ve been doing a lot of freelance work on the side. Weddings, Events, Parties. Things are taking of very well. I am now happy and excited for life. So just do it, take the leap like I did. I promise it will be the best thing you ever did. Why make yourself more and more miserable every single day?!

I really hope this has inspired you. Please if your job is making you so unhappy, hand in your notice.

Why carry on wasting time on something you hate? Then you can begin working on what you love.

Are you thinking about handing in your notice? Or need a push into doing so? Let me know in the comments.

Be happy.

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