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Thursday, 15 June 2017


You may have noticed a few posts ago I mention I wouldn't be doing the college top-up year in September? Well, that's because I and Bradley are expecting a baby! We've known for a couple of months now and I thought it's probably about time I share the exciting news! Little 'Baby Z' as we've been calling her/him will arrive in December of this year. Our official due date for little Baby Z is the 25th of December... So we might have a little baby Jesus on our hands!

I plan on writing many future posts about my pregnancy journey and my transition into motherhood, which I hope you're as excited as I am for. Prepare to watch me stumble into the complete unknown and most likely fall head first into a scary world of poops and giggles.

My pregnancy so far has actually been pretty fine sailing, apart from the morning sickness. Don't ask me about morning sickness, I've re-seen my food too many times over the past couple of weeks it's been enough to put me off the colour yellow. I have been put on medication for the sickness now though which has helped tremendously, I have never been so thankful for medication in my life.

We've been to two scans now, an early scan back at 8 weeks and we've recently been to our 12-week scan, everything is super healthy and looking brilliant so far. We're so excited to go back in a few weeks to find out if we're having a little boy or girl...! (I think boy!) I guess only time will tell. We plan on throwing a little get together baby shower/gender reveal party for family and close friends nearer the time which I am looking forward to greatly. 

All our love,



  1. Oh huuuuge congrats to you both! x

  2. Oh my goodness! So exciting :-) congrats to you both <3

    ~ Jasmin N

    1. Thanks so much Jasmin! We're very excited! xxx


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