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Monday, 2 February 2015

Home Life vs Work

I've had some stay at home days recently, and honestly I am truly loving it. Last Friday I went out and some how came home with an Apple Macbook Pro?! - A loan from my Mum. (thanks Mum.) It is utterly beautiful, and I now can proceed in blogging more and devoting all of my spare time to Sims.

I've fallen in love with my camera again. Which has led me to shooting a lot of home life images, using natural light. Lately my full time job has taken up a lot of my time, also its put me off my own personal photography. Which is the trouble when your hobby becomes your day job. When I get home from work, seeing my camera used to make me feel sick. But now I have the ambition and motivation to go out and try capture some beautiful images.

Here is a collection of some Home Life images I've taken recently.
(Warning - May Involve Cats)

I dream of the day when I can become a full time freelance photographer. Being self-employed is an outstanding achievement for anybody. 
I wish to one day reach it.

Are you thinking about going self-employed? Or are you already?! Let me know so we can chat!



  1. Some beautiful photos here. I have a full time job so often pooped by the time I get home to think about blogging! x

    1. Thank you Laura! Wish I could blog full time! x

  2. I wish to be a freelance photographer one day! Your photos are so warm and lovely. :) I hope you will love your Macbook as I love mine - Adobe tools work so smoothly on those, you'll love it.

    1. Thank you! I'm currently studying for my degree in Photography, but I have no idea what I'm going to do after education. To be fair I prefer writing over photography... But don't tell my tutors that xxx


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