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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Dear Baby Zealand

Dear Baby Zealand,

My precious little boy, you are growing so fast and soon it'll be time for us to meet face to face. We've already met heart to heart 185 days in a row and we've already felt each other's movements over and over. Now I can't wait for our skin to touch, and our eyes to meet. So I can finally hold you in my arms and give you all the love I've been saving for you.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

My Maternity Photoshoots

Welcome! On Tuesday I had both my maternity photo shoots (another thing to tick off my autumn bucket list, yay!). One was on location and the other was in a studio, I have to say they both went AMAZINGLY well. My photographer Shannon was absolutely brilliant in getting the perfect range of images which we had spent the previous weeks planning. Everything that I imagined my photographs being are JUST THAT! Not only did she pull through with capturing my ideas she also had a thousand and one stunning poses and tricks up her sleeves to ensure my images were unique and fresh just like I had asked her to do. I absolutely couldn't fault her, if you're in the market for any type of portrait photographs seriously check her out!

These first bunch of images, taken on location are more of what I would call the 'norm' for maternity/bump photos. Happy, airy, light and delicate. And although I certainly wanted something 'different' I couldn't help getting some of the traditional bump-type shots taken. Please tell me what you think in the comments below, which are your favourite?!

Don't you think they're absolutely wonderful? It's really difficult to actually 'like' photographs of yourself isn't it? Especially since I've been behind the camera photographing others over the past 6/7 years, but with these, I am mostly happy with how I look in them, there's always going to be parts of my body and skin which I think could be clearer or firmer but I'm me and this is what I look like right now, and I'm okay with that.

My studio images are undeniably different and quirky... I LOVE THEM - I feel so grateful for the hours put in by Shannon. Her style of studio work is surreal and out of this world, you'll be able to see below the variety of images we managed to get...

If you're a little sensitive to almost-nude-type-images then beware of whats below... (don't worry no nipples or foo-foo's are on show...)

What do you think?! 
I am beyond happy with every single image (all 400 of them). I have even booked in another maternity photo shoot with Shannon so we can get some images of both I, Bradley and the bump. Then, of course, lovely squishy newborn photographs when Baby Zea arrives!
I cannot wait!

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Friday, 8 September 2017

11 Things You MUST Do This Autumn

So I know it's not officially autumn yet, although it may as well be with this awful cold-like weather we're having. I just love getting into the 'cozy vibe' as soon as I can, plus when September rolls around it just feels like autumn is here, especially with the kids back in school and the countdown to Christmas beginning. I've already seen advent calendars and Christmas cards making their way into the shops, every year it seems to be earlier and earlier. Also, do some shops just completely FORGET about Halloween?! Because they seem to fill the shelves up with Christmas goodies and the Halloween/Fall related get pushed to a tiny corner of the shop... whats with that?!

Here's my list of things you MUST to do this Autumn, no this isn't a 'carve a pumpkin, make a wreath' type list (who has time for that?!). These are things I will personally be setting out on doing to insure I enjoy this autumn time before the snow and ice reach us come December.

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