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Friday, 8 December 2017

The Christmas Gift Guide: Babies First Christmas

Since you probably all know by now our little baby boy is due Christmas Day this year, and like you probably all also know babies rarely ever come on time. Early or late but never on the day! Which makes our Christmas this year a difficult one, we don't know whether Christmas 2017 is going to be this little cubs first Christmas or not. Everyone who remotely knows me or Bradley has had their say whether they think he'll be here before or after Christmas, but the truth is we just won't know until he starts to make his appearance! 

First Christmas or not this December is doubly special for us as you can imagine. I'll either be sitting there heavily pregnant Christmas Day or I'll be sitting there with my baby in my arms. Either scenario doesn't bother me, he'll come when he's ready, and we'll be ready for him.

I wanted to share with you another little Christmas gift guide today, this one is for Babies First Christmas. I've been lucky enough to be sent some products from various different companies to try out and let you know what you should be buying for any little babas in your life. These are all such special unique little gifts that can be used as wonderful keepsakes for any baby, instead of silly little toys and clothes that will undoubtedly get thrown away.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Caring For Your Mental Health in Pregnancy

Today I want to talk about something that is usually kept 'quiet' during most women's pregnancies, and that is prenatal depression. You've probably heard of post natal depression, which a shocking amount of women have cope with after birth, this is similar to that but prenatal depression is something you can have whilst your pregnant or perhaps whilst even trying to conceive. 

It's not unusual to feel low periods whilst you're pregnant as your crazily changing hormones will send you from completely joyful to broken down in tears rolling around on the floor in a matter of minutes. But prenatal depression is on a complete different scale to that, something a lot more serious than feeling a little blue. That's what I want to try shed light on in today's post with the help of the Moment Health App. I've been tracking my own moods and feelings on the app throughout this last trimester and it has honestly helped me step back and analyse my emotions instead of letting them get out of control in my head.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The Christmas Gift Guide: For Tradesmen

Everyone whose everyone knows a tradesman. Whether thats an electrician, plumber, builder, plasterer, mechanic or any of the other forms. If you didn't already know Bradley (my partner) is a self-employed electrician, and he is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. Not just for the fact that all he's really interested in is tools and gadgets, and his hobbies ARE his work. But he's a man, and men? - hard to buy for! 

Each year when Christmas rolls around I always have absolutely no idea what to buy him. Clothes - he's fussy. Aftershave - he hardly uses it and Games - he already has them ALL! This year I was determined to buy him something that he'll actually use and enjoy instead of useless bits that end up in the back of his draw.

I thought that they're must be a bunch of people out there trying to shop for fussy tradesmen who never know what they want for Christmas. So I've created this gift guide in hopes that it'll inform some of you with ideas on what to get that tradesman in your life!
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