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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The A-Z of Pregnancy

A – Attitude Problems. The hormones that come along with pregnancy are CRAZY. One moment I’m up, the next I’m down. Question me if you dare, I will indeed just bite your head off.

B – Bump and Booty. An obvious one, the bump on the belly grows whilst the booty disappears and becomes flatter and flatter, this might just be to do with all the ‘sitting around’ I seem to be doing. Either sitting at my desk or sitting up in bed with heartburn is truly ruining my beloved behind.

C – Crying. Like I’ve mentioned in my Pregnancy Updates crying is a daily thing now I’m pregnant. Although, I probably cried daily beforehand, I’m just a sensitive soul you see. But now I’m crying over the fact that I’ve ran out of ice lollies or a cute cat video. Anything will set me off.

D – Diabetes. Jesus Christ, have the midwives and doctors thrown this word at me a thousand times this pregnancy. I have had FOUR GT tests in this pregnancy. This is because of the high amount of glucose I seem to have in my urine, I tried to tell them countless of times that I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY. Yet they make me do the awful none-eating-12-hour-blood-tests over and over again. My local midwife has put her foot down and written in giant letters in my maternity notes “NO MORE GT’s” (She is an angel sent from heaven)

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

My Saviour Pregnancy Products

So now I'm 33 weeks in to pregnancy I thought I am probably at the perfect 'point' to share with you all my personal pregnancy saviours. These are products that I've been using/wearing throughout this pregnancy to help make things a little more bearable and make me feel a little more human. Some items are definite MUSTS in pregnancy and others are just things that have helped bring me back down to earth from being the crazy hormonal woman you might find sobbing in bed on a Saturday evening...

Friday, 3 November 2017

Pregnancy Update - 32 Weeks


32 Weeks 4 days.


Monday 25th December 2017


The aches and pains have got stronger and stronger, especially in my left side, every step has a heavy ache in it, just where my leg attaches to the rest of my body, its odd but I just try to ignore it most days.
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